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    More Roads Closed

    I know this road well, at least I used to. It's probably been 15+ years since I've been there. The road is actually an elevated dike that made the cranberry bogs. The road is not a dead-end as Guy implies. It's hard to see in the aerial but connects with another road that leads back to Carranza...
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    New Friendship Gate

    The PPA is a business. They have large donations from companies written off as environmental support. The PPA has its own commercial enterprises "exploiting" the Pines for more income and of course the relentless plea to members for donations. The management is highly paid while the majority of...
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    boydsmaps online connectivity problems

    Must be frustrating after all the time you have invested. I guess it's out of your hands and we'll all have to deal with it.
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    It appears our particular area has been escaping the majority of severe weather this season. It either dissipates or splits to the North and South. Wonder how long our luck will hold out?
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    New PPA brochure

    LOL, of course, how dare anyone question "my directives". For a "public" group, sure is one-sided. Just goes to show the agenda and mass brainwashing this person and the PPA are capable of.
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    Download problems at

    Thanks for all your hard work and time!!!
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    Facebook tracking

    As was written in the book 1984, Big Brother is watching, even in ways, you wouldn't think of.
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    Terraserver Nostalgia

    I also like the old black & white aerials, not satellite. The reason, roads and trails tend to show better but old is the key here. While there may be more folks in the woods there is less vehicular traffic keeping the roads and trails clear. I know some may debate this but the fact is many...
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    Bass River Fire Tower proposal

    Has a contract been awarded? Just wondering if the timber co. is paying for the trees or is being paid by the State,
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    New Jersey first lady Tammy Murphy, Attoney General Gurbir Grewal tour Pine Barrens

    I'm sure the PPA organized the tour so it's guaranteed what side will ONLY be presented. It's unfortunate that a relatively small handful of irresponsible off-roaders will ruin it for the majority of responsible off-roaders, but that's the way it always is. One of the things the PPA does is...
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    The new boydsmaps online website is now available

    I agree, thank you for all you do.
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    Weekend detour

    Well, decided to go to Warren Grove. There was an officer watching from his car at the intersection of 72 in the morning again. I pulled over and told him of the issue last Sunday evening. He said there will be a traffic control officer there until 8 PM. I thanked him and said I'll come back...
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    Weekend detour

    Pancoast ends in the trailer park. It's not in the best shape and like most little used roads it's starting to grow in and some water holes along with whoops. I'll take a ride down Cemetary rd and if I see traffic backed up again to where the houses are, do a K turn and backtrack to Stafford...
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    Weekend detour

    The problem is Sunday afternoon returning. I may not go tomorrow, undecided, but seriously thinking of going East 539 to parkway North and exit Berkely. Then again I've had bad experiences on the parkway northbound Sunday afternoons also. Could take Stafford Forge to rt 9 but as you know 9 is an...
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    Weekend detour

    I have no reason to bypass the barriers to see what's going on, one lane is open to the sand plant. The Yellow branch crosses under 539 near their driveway. I go from Waretown to Warren Grove on Sundays so have to cross 72. Info seems sparse. Is there work going on only on weekends and not...