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    Various From This Morning

    Thanks for the additional info. Funny, just prior to your post I was looking at the satellite view of this area
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    Various From This Morning

    There hasn't been talk of Wells Mills in a while. The last time it showed a breach of the road. From your latest photo, I assume the road breach has been repaired?
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    Power Lines

    Guy The 2 powerline photos are not taken from the same spot? Regardless, it's amazing how much has grown in, in 14 years. Nature at work.
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    Various From This Morning

    I'm not sure if I read it here or somewhere else. Isn't there work being done somewhere in Stafford Forge to cultivate the broom crowberry?
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    Am I a Piney Now?

    Speaking of Ed's property, my friend and I had the pleasure of meeting him when our car got stuck farther west on Oswego rd near the cranberry bogs. The pine flies were horrendous as we walked back to Ed's to ask for 2 shovels. He walked back with us and helped. This was the '69 or '70 era. The...
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    Carranza Memorial Sign

    Guy You haven't changed, the only difference is dress and gray hair. Then, bell bottoms and work boots, today bell bottoms? and knee high rubber boots. Bell bottoms tucked inside? LOL
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    Parkers Bar

    '69 was just prior to my bar-hopping days. Isn't that longer building to the West what is known today as the Woodshed? Spent some time there in the '80's. Good food, don't remember any trouble but being a bar I'm sure there was some. I think the late Lucielle Bates husband had a connection, but...
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    Rural Development Zone - Pinelands

    Yes, fine now. What threw me off is that your link to the metadata site worked.
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    Rural Development Zone - Pinelands

    Boyd What am I doing wrong? Clicking on your links for the maps all I get is a gray screen at 500' resolution. The metadata link came through fine.
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    Webbs Mill flooded since July 22nd

    I'm sure the beavers have initiated an emergency response team. The breached road may be just what you guys want?
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    Webbs Mill flooded since July 22nd

    LOL, neither do they.
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    Webbs Mill Rd Deer club for sale

    Yeah, from the pictures all legal activities on public land except for the side x sides. I wonder how they're legally going to pull that off?
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    Webbs Mill flooded since July 22nd

    Looks like the beavers held a meeting and decided once and for all to put a stop to their nuisance [Guy] :smug:
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    Conservation Group Blocks Private Roads To Pit Known To Draw Unregistered, Unlawful Vehicles

    Redneck We may know the same person who was one of a few that got the ORV park started. The story I got is the pit was a public nuisance prior with bonfire parties, burned cars, and dumped trash. The conversation group couldn't patrol or stop it and thought maybe an ORV park would clean the area...