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    Photography Show, "Pathways through the Pines"

    Great presentation/photography Ms. Bornholdt and Ms. Woods! My fiance and I enjoyed it today at the PPA.(We were the younger couple in the front seats) And the Pinelands Brewing Co. Sodas were delicious! :) Enjoyed both of your talents, keep doing what yous do.
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    BAck TO NAture

    I am in the beginning stages of planning a batona trail hiking/camp trip. Any suggestions? Advice? What to take with me? What section? When is best time to go regarding ticks? etc.. Any advice is appreciated. I'm into photography(will take photos and share), any areas good for photo ops?
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    To Find A Yellow Crested Orchid

    Nice pictures. =) Kudos..
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    Possible Sighting!

    Id say its a cougar(prints from facebook account). Notice how the front toes are not even across front, and the one side toe looks rounded. Dogs are even across front and both side toes are angled.