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    not cool

    They burned our crops, poisoned our wells, and delivered a plague unto our houses!
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    Bombing Range Road?

    Thank you Glenn, this is just what I needed. I know where you're talking about, but never walked down there. Thanks so much for your help!
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    Bombing Range Road?

    Nice, thanks. I guess I just keep going at the wrong time. I hear them all the time, but get there and see nothing. Plus it can get confusing with fort dix right there. One day.
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    Bombing Range Road?

    Thanks! I believe I found the right area, but could anyone verify for me: the best view is from bombing range road, near where it dead ends at a gate with a parking area to the left?
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    Historic Preservation in Wharton State Forest: A Lost Cause?

    I always love signs that describe the history of a site. I think it increases interest in local history and provides a lasting record that educates people who would otherwise never appreciate the significance.
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    Bombing Range Road?

    I was at pakim pond when I heard what sounded like bombs dropping somewhere close by. I didn't know if it was something by range road, but after looking at other posts, it seems Warren grove was the actual source of the noise. I have always wondered what the DoD was doing out there and I'm...
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    Rancocas State Park ruins?

    Nice pictures! I grew up right next to these woods. I went 15 years without ever knowing any detailed history about it.
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    Lower Forge camping

    Ha! thats so funny, I just realized you have that wordpress page! I was JUST checking that out to get some info on the batona trail. Great site, btw! anyway, we might have to just cut down the amount of days we'll take to hike the trail. Our packs are getting bigger with the amount of...
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    Friendship pictures - March 2014

    beautiful pictures, johnnyb!
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    Plan to put gas pipeline in Pinelands spurs ire

    an update-since the vote in january, they are scrambling to find some other illegal way to destroy the pinelands
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    Lower Forge camping

    rats! maybe we'll choose another one then. I walked out there yesterday, it was a bit cramped. I think boy scouts or something.
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    Lower Forge camping

    are there water pumps at buttonwood and lower forge camps?
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    I am a Stalwart, and Arthur will be president!

    I am a Stalwart, and Arthur will be president!
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    Rancocas State Park ruins?

    Jerseyman, thank you so much!!! Boy howdy, I havent been able to find any information on hainesport, besides just one tiny book from the library, and what you have provided is a goldmine! Much of this is new information to me. I had heard of the scivers and the sand mining company, and a little...