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    Andrews Road and Government Site?

    I think that's just the bombing range. I was just there about a week or two ago. I went up old Martha Road. Suddenly "no trespassing" signs appeared. I just kept going, figuring I'd get to either Andrews Road or Allen Road. I got to Andrews I believe. I drove to the right and found a permanent...
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    Close encounter of the Otter kind

    Excellent! I have not yet seen otters in the Pines. Glad you were able to take pictures too. Barry
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    Turkey Vultures on Egg Harbor City water tower.

    Hot turkey love Ultraman007, you are one sick dude.
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    How many 4 wheelers/off roaders do we have here?

    How many 4 wheelers/off roaders I don't go four-wheeling for the sake of four-wheeling. I do it to explore the Pine Barrens, looking for ghost towns and evidence of past human habitation, as well as interesting plants and trees. My 4X4 is an `87 Ford F-150 with 31X10.50 R15 tires (2 sizes...
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    About to let go....

    Bob, Sounds great. All members are always invited. We just went on an outing Saturday. The next one isn't planned yet. But when it is, it will be announced well in advance. Normally I post it on our message board as a special announcement, meaning it automatically gets sent to all members at the...
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    About to let go....

    So Bob. When you are you going to join us on one of our outings? One time you said you'd like to join us if you were notified of when they would be. I've been announcing them well in advance. Hope to see you sometime. :) Barry founder and owner- Ghost Towns of Southern NJ on Yahoo...
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    Has anyone heard of the Blue Hole?

    Matthew, I'm very familiar with and with Weird NJ. I've got every issue except the rare ones. I live off of Route 30 just outside Egg Harbor and the Blue Hole is not too far from me, but believe it or not I have not been there yet. That's one place I want to get to in the...
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    NJDEP Bans Off-Road vehicles from public land

    Jeff, You said: "It's analogous to gun control. The bad guys won't respect the law and decent, law abiding citizens get penalized when you go after the actual thing or activity rather than holding people who do wrong personally accountable. Guns don't kill; people do. I can understand...
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    NJDEP Bans Off-Road vehicles from public land

    Re: "dual-sport" motorcycle. Bob, It sounds to me as if a dual-sport motorcycle is the same thing as what we called an "enduro" 20-25 years ago. It has lights, turnsignals, and is registered for highway use. I figured those things would come under the same heading as cars and trucks, as you say...
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    Newspaper article

    No one ever mentioned doing simple fire prevention. How many people toss cigarette butts out of the window of their cars? How about illegal campfires, or even legal ones that weren't put out properly? It seems to me a lot of fires start these ways. And of course arson- that's another cause of...
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    The Pine Barrens special editon with photos

    on Ebay. This time there are three of them. One of them is in South Jersey. Anyone know who that is? Just type Pine Barrens in the search bar and hit enter. You'll find them. Just thought people would like to know, Barry
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    Bog iron grave markers- great article!!

    Go to the Archaeological Society of NJ website ( ), then click on publications. Then click on Bulletin #48 1993. The article in this bulletin is the result of some great research done on our bog iron grave markers, and catalogs exactly where they all...
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    Trip to Cape May County------- email

    Did someone email me regarding this? I thought I saw a message in my inbox, but it's not there now. It looks as though I accidentally deleted it. If you e-mailed me about the trip, please do so again and I'll answer you. Thanks, Barry P.S.- if you don't know about this trip, see the "people...
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    Trip to Cape May County, Sat., Aug. 24

    Email me for directions to my house if you would like to, at If you live in or north of Atlantic County it might be easier to go down with me. I'll be leaving between 10:15 and 10:30. We'll meet up at Seaview Cemetery, which is on Route 9 across from the Second Cape May...
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    The Pines, Robert Dunbar- signed 1st edition

    On Ebay, bidding is at $1.99. Now's your chance to get this book, and it's a signed copy no less. Bidding ends on the 21st. But be advised, it's a horror novel. It is about the NJ Pine Barrens though and uses real place names. Barry