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    Major update to the site!

    Thanks Boyd, much appreciated.
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    Dreamy Estate on the Mullica River

    FYI, I've heard rumors that after the PPA is finished closing Boyd's driveway their next project is to have skeeters declared the official bird of the Pine Barrens, obviously with protected status.
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    Dreamy Estate on the Mullica River

    My wife and I toured the property yesterday and were ready to make an offer. Then we noticed in the sellers disclosure schedule that some organization called the Petulant Persons Association wouldn't let us drive our Jeep up the driveway. What is the world coming to?
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    Micro Clover Lawn

    I've lived in Tabernacle for 41 years, serving as a slave to a 10,000 sq. ft. lawn. I want to surrender and let nature take its course but the Mrs. isn't too keen on the idea. I think I can get her to compromise on a clover lawn. Was wondering if anyone had experience with clover turf...
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    New PPA brochure

    Does PPA need a permit for the "drone Photos"?
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    Download problems at

    Boyd, Thanks for the new maps, they're incredible. I can't begin to tell you how much they're appreciated other than to let you know they are the sole reason I'm upgrading from my iphone 4. Just a side comment, you may want to get checked for insomnia.
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    Service station on the Red Lion Circle?

    Quote from Beck: ....... "On the opposite corner there is a building which is also public, a combination gas station, general store, and poolroom"...... Beck subsequently describes the building as the Antrim Store
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    Service station on the Red Lion Circle?

    In 1936 Henry Charlton Beck authored a book titled Forgotten Towns of Southern New Jersey that contains a chapter on Red Lion. I don't want to get the website in trouble by quoting copyrighted material but the chapter contains a description of a building across from the Red Lion Hotel (now the...
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    Service station on the Red Lion Circle?

    Talk to th owner of the Red Lion Inn. He can probably refer you to family members and friends that can help you out.
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    Route 206 closed near Hammonton due to forest fire

    With your psychic ability to predict next month's fire you should consider spoort's betting.
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    Dinner for Baldie

    Jon, Could you provide a very generic location?
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    Older than I thought....

    didTeegate help you?
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    Cotote Warning Sign

    Don't tell Jon, but the coyotes at Parker have acquired a taste for photographers, especially at sunrise and sunset.
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    Migration to a new PC

    be careful - programs and apps that are copyrighted may be blocked from migrating a halfway decent computer store or a local teenager may be able to get you where you want to go for less $
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    West Mill Road Flooding

    Given all the recent rain, and the work of some very energetic beavers, does anyone know if the sign regarding motorized vehicles applies to small small watercraft?