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    Hey sonya. Rednecks huh... I use to drive a delivery truck for peter lumber out of medford, Been to places in the pines I wouldn't want to go back to. Of course this was in the mid 80's . lost of uncharatered roads back there.
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    Silver Fox Inn

    I too can remember that caddy sitting there bacxk in the early 80's, Also heard the same rumors. Thanks for all the info. I'd like to stop in there some time.
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    Day Trips

    Thanks Guy, Yes my Daughter is in college now with full time Boyfriend....Only sleeps @ the house @ this I won't leave her out she did go with us to By berry...she loves the closed down Asylums, As do I.. I'm working a 10.5hr day today and have spent a lot of time in this site...
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    If tree falls in forest, developer will hear it

    That's putting your foot down . good for them.:dance:
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    Day Trips

    Love this site came across it Via "modern Ruins & Urban Explorations", I've grown up in South jersey mostly Medford, Use to drive for Peter lumber Drove all over southern area..( Some deliverys took longer than ) A lot of back roads. A friend of my childhood, his father use to scout...