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    Property Stones And More... Fall 2022/ Winter Spring 2023

    There was porta pots at caranza in a few spots and one out on 532 by parker. Assuming it had to do with that.
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    Years Ago Today

    Almost looks like the road that leads into goshen pond campground along the Mullica. Not sure the exact name of that road.
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    If 2.4 Million Trees Fall Will Trenton Hear it?

    Articles and opinions like this make me laugh. This sorta of activity only helps the pine barrens. It’s will lead to great amounts of species using the cleared areas since right now much of the barrens is so choked with trees it’s useless. I prefer a massive burn but this also works for me.
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    Man with an antenna

    That Jon Bunnel from pinelands commission.
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    Winslow Area

    Looks like he took some nice habitat and turned it into a dumb grassy park.
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    Sound In The Burn Area

    I’ve heard it as well and think it sounds different than that tho. More like a cricket noise to me.
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    Just A Few From Today

    Guy did the eggs have a sand paper texture?
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    Letters GT In The Pines

    Funny almost positive I’ve seen the exact same one about 1/2 mile or so before memorial on the pavement.
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    Letters GT In The Pines

    Box turtle on caranza? Feel like I’ve seen that one before.
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    Almost no rain out in Shamong, this is looking like another fake rain storm. Weathermen have been really awful this summer, we really need rain bad and a lot.
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    Rockwood Road Walk

    I could see the Os you typically see on corns snakes. Seen several hundred shed corns over years but also know the spot Guy was at and know they are there. So a bit of piecing it together.
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    Rockwood Road Walk

    Guy now that you showed that I believe I know who is placing the cover out there, good kid. You have found a nice site there.
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    DEP determined to resolve pinelands access disputes

    I have no problem buying a permit to have access to the roads. But like most things it won’t be enforced and they don’t have the resources to do so. Like many things in NJ this will never be overly effective.
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    Rockwood Road Walk

    Looks like corn snake - spend some more time there Guy, good find.