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    Capturing/archiving old videotapes

    What format do you use now?
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    DPReview is shutting down

    AI is popping up everywhere. in photography and video programs. I tested the free trials at My Edit. It sorta works, fixing problems in some areas and messing up in others. I look forward to when it matures.
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    Concrete Ship

    A nice video from 1927.
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    House in Chatsworth

    Did you give up on Liesuretown?
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    Where is this?

    Very close.
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    Where is this?

    Let's get back to chairs. Where is this?
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    Busby's is open for food.
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    Apple Pie Hill Tower Open Saturday

    Perhaps we can't see the Apple Pie for the trees.
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    Apple Pie Hill Tower Open Saturday

    Why was it called Apple Pie Hill?
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    Trail Work at Friendship 2/11

    That is quite an ambitious project. The currently blue marked trail never gets near High Crossing or Lower Forge. There has been a massive amount of clearing the roads around Friendship bogs this month. This is my markup of the DEP map. I added the blue line to show the current Blue Trail and...
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    Trail Work at Friendship 2/11

    I followed the Blue Trail to the top of Apple Pie Hill, but where does it start in the south?
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    Hampton upper forge?

    When was that bypass bridge replaced? I seem to remember driving over an old leaning rickety wooden bridge there.
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    Starlink Satellites

    The space station site
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    Texas Tower #4

    Thanks Scott, I'll give it a try. I always liked the Miss Chris. This Lady Chris was a piece of art.
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    Texas Tower #4

    I've been to the Harborview deck, because they allow dogs but have never been inside. What do you like about it?