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    Cape May Ghost tracks

    March 18, 2018 looking north toward the canal. There was a steady procession of visitors. You can see Atlantis in the distance.
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    Be careful out there!

    He spent the fall camping in the woods behind Batona Camp in 2019. He made a mess, and begged people coming into the camp. Some fed him.
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    Where is this?

    Shiloh Gun Club, rt 532
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    Wildfire at High Crossing

    A Facebook post said 62 acres. We smelled smoke yesterday morning while driving down Carranza Road, and soon were passed by a FFS Power Wagon. It was bounded by Tuckerton Rd and the roads on both sides of the tracks heading toward the Batona Trail. At least we have a new plow line to hike.
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    Piney Bridges

    How about this one.
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    Piney Bridges

    I saw bicycle tracks on the Red Trail on Sunday.
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    Piney Bridges

    Here's a recently one updated from a plank. Bamboo railing.
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    Piney Bridges

    Behr's Bridge over the Tupe.
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    Piney Bridges

    I would prefer to step over the tracks.
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    Your first digital pictures of the Pines

    Friendship Bog 5-5-2002, Canon PowerShot a40. I still have it and it probably works. Bulky but nice.
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    Fall/Winter Stone Searching 2021/2022

    Could you use a metal detector to find these?