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    Plant ID please

    Thank You!
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    Plant ID please

    There are a few of these at HF.
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    Mullica River Paddle

    Looks like a snapper.
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    Crop Duster

    This one or one just like it flies over our house several times a day. Years ago they were bi-planes.
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    2 3/4 inches in Nacle yesterday.
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    2 inches in Nacle.
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    Bamber Home for Sale

    Bob, where are you going?
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    Bamber Home for Sale

    Nice Bob!
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    Some N.J. state parks, forests can reopen for camping June 22, officials say

    Batona camp was still closed this morning.
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    Driving down Batsto Lake Rd to Quaker Bridge w/ a sedan from Batso Village?

    Another nice hike is on Quaker Bridge Road, half way to Quaker Bridge. On the right, just after the small concrete bridge, is a road along the Mullica River. Park off of Quaker Bridge Roan and hike, don't take the Civic down it. You can go all the way to Batsto. Guy, do you remember the name of...
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    Driving down Batsto Lake Rd to Quaker Bridge w/ a sedan from Batso Village?

    You can assess it by Quaker Bridge Road. Enter at Atison. I drove it last week and it was surprisingly good except for one spot about 1 mile from the bridge. Pick your path carefully. Do not drive up to the bridge, the road before it is bad. Park on the hard, stay out of the sand. Once you...
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    My new tool toy....

    A link to it please.
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    Woolwich Township abandoned missle base for sale

    I grew up in the cold war. My father fought it and eventually so did I. It is still going on. In the 1980's I dove Texas Tower #4 twice. It is an early warning station built on an oil platform 75 miles out of Barnegat. It sunk in a storm in 1961. A beautiful dive starting at 85 feet. Swimming...
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    The barriers have been removed

    along the side roads of of Carranza including the parking lot.