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    Hog Nose

    The only one I found by Carranza. It flattened it's head like a cobra.
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    Help With Batona Itinerary

    If you go to QB, take the road to the right shortly after you cross the bridge, it is called Stokes Road on NJPB Maps and Lower Forge road crosses it. The road parallels QB Road for about 2 miles. Then you must make a left back to QB road, crossing the stone bridge. Shortly after there will be...
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    Chatsworth Lake Dam Broke

    I read it on Facebook but can't confirm.
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    Metal Detector recommendation

    I am looking for an entry level metal detector. My immediate interest is in tracing an underground electrical wire in my yard, copper. It is probably down 4 to 6 inches. There are so many detectors out there and I don't want to end up with a piece of junk. I think I may also have fun with it in...
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    Help With Batona Itinerary

    There is no river crossing at Old Forge Road, swim or go to QB.
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    UFO Detector

    Guy, am confused. We have the Bozarth sawmill and the Mead and Price . we have your post
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    UFO Detector

    Yes, it is that road. The Capewell post is one of the best ever. I wonder how the pile got so high and steep. There is no evidence of the pile now. I would think it would take a conveyor belt. If you walk out of the parking lot at the Carrazza memorial and pick up the Batona Trail it will take...
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    UFO Detector

    =AZUFt1A1cZ3bBGrLY8OZ5I_o5d-HaSTLEEtqfI00OQoQBwHBLptHy-HaVjFwo_aQwkFfLxOlU_fo50EXd1vqKRZkRgjzqDU2qKxCjQFjH0nlPBqWl9AMRgfIMP9BOAG_AE5Wi5e47vDH1jYDjhYwoNPlNb-QtdoN-NrV1Frz278Y7x0n9olL-EXEE-v5rQGv73r47SPjVYhROVbG3DiP-jgT&__tn__=-UC%2CP-y-R']New Jersey State Park Police...
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    Atco Dragway

    Area Car Racing Enthusiasts Gearing Up To Publicly Protest Plan To Replace Iconic Atco Dragway With Auto Auction Lot...
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    Where is this?

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    Thank You!
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    I finally broke down and put my 54" snow blower on the Deere. I went through all the work the last two years and never got to use it. Bring it on!
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    Today Before The Storm

    Search and rescue playtime.
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    Vaccine availability

    I got an email last Thursday morning from the New Jersey Department of Health stating that I am eligible to schedule an appointment at the Gloucester County mega site at Rowan University. I went to the link they provided and am on for this Friday.
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    My new ride

    It took 6 weeks. I also found mostly 4 doors in stock and everything I found was automatic 4 cylinder turbo. It just didn't sound right. I like a hefty 6 and a manual transmission.