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    Turkey Vultures on Egg Harbor City water tower.

    Hot turkey love Ultraman, always remember the old saying..."Leaves of three, hold close to thee"...FB.
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    Has anyone heard of the Blue Hole?

    Here in Cumberland county you can't walk a mile without falling into a bluehole, very cool places. Along with RR tracks and the marsh, blueholes are a favorite hiking destination...Bob.
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    Protecting Communities from Wildfire

    My club the South Jersey Astronomy Club wanted to clear a section of the Belleplain State Forest for a new public observatory, we got permission but were told that each year for the whole state forest there is a clear cutting limit of 1499 square feet!. The Buckschtem WMA, is clearing about 200...
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    This is an odd one

    The little town of Woodbine is within the Pinelands but acording to an Atlantic City press article they have 173 acres just outside the PL border and are trying to get the land included under PL regulation so they can plan for commercial and industrial development, presently the land is...