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    Lamb Legs and the Menantico

    I have to watch this tomorrow. I'm about 10 minutes in, but it's past my bedtime.
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    A Day Of Revisiting

    We've had a very warm December and early January. The long range forecast is warning us of a colder than average February. Oh, brrr.
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    You never know...

    The fishing pole is fine, but the sky isn't.
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    Ancient graves of Sayers & Ludlams

    I thought that they were older. I used to have a paper copy of them. Renee was going to order a set and asked if anyone else wanted them. The maps, papers were huge and had to be printed by a local architect. Has anyone else here taken an old fashioned drafting class?
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    Secret room discovered under house turns out to be part of American history

    That was very interesting. Thank you. 17. "...By 1850 the Underground Railroad ran all the way from the deep South to Canada. That was largely thanks to the ex-slave who was known as the “Father of the Underground Railroad.” His name was William Still, and his base of operations was just six...
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    Squirrel eating pizza

    Like this: The action starts at 1:45.
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    Dead clothes dryer

    My son fixed my dryer last month. It sounded as though I was trying to dry baseballs. Nothing looked worn, so after three tries, he ordered the repair kit. It contained two drum rollers, a pulley, and a tensioner. It worked. Those Youtube videos are great.
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    Ken Washington

    Damn. I haven't talked to him in a few years. When my husband died in 2010, he asked if there was anything that he could do for me. I asked him to call me once in a while--he did--and if I sounded sorry for myself, to take me for a ride through the Pines. He did that, too.
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    Russ Anderson Road

    I was hoping that someone knew. I've wondered.
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    Age is no excuse...

    Old age never comes alone. My mother had a setback for a few years in her early 70s when dad died. She came back like a hungry tiger a few years later. My nephew called her Bunny--the Energizer Bunny. She didn't start to slow down again until she was in her 80s.
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    Happy Halloween

    I did my part and ate some Snickers mini cubes. Four groups showed up. I had a lot of candy left.
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    Health Insurance Rates

    Some plans (for high rollers) cover fertility treatments. Really! No. Just no. I was astounded when I read that. My son had no insurance for 9 years. He earned about 5 dollars too much annually to qualify for Medicaid. He could afford to go to urgent care every couple of years when he got...
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    Mineral Springs Resorts in the pines

    I have to read that book. I once spent a little time trying to figure out where the Colestown resort and spring were. I know that's gone, but I wonder if a couple of people in the area have a wet basement and have no idea why.
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    Old picture of Batsto Mansion and General Store

    I never realized the buildings were so close together.
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    State of emergency declared

    Is the National Guard patrolling?