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    Forecasters predict long-lasting warm temperatures in eastern U.S.

    From the article "Literally everywhere else is warming". People seem to confuse weather with climate all the time.
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    Forecasters predict long-lasting warm temperatures in eastern U.S.

    The new normal. October used to be a month of cold nights and crisp days with high skies. Now the skies are grey, the air is humid. Seasons were as predictable as day turns into night. I have four granchildren from two months to 7. They will not experience the thrill I felt during the change of...
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    Cooper's Hawk with Downy Woodpecker

    Thanks for the clarification and welcome to the board. Trying to ID fauna and flora is not my strong suit, and I keep wondering when I retire if I will take the time to learn the science or just keep hiking and taking pictures? Actually I think I just answered my own question.
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    Passing Of A Piney Legend

    Donnie Russell and I were born five weeks and probably 30 miles apart Guy. As Keith Richards said "Growing old is better than the alternative."
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    Passing Of A Piney Legend

    My family and I have enjoyed his recipe and "The Pic" wings over many holiday's and birthday parties for over 30 years. Sorry to see he is gone at 67.
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    Such a pretty day.

    With 400 million guns, we certainly have a "well armed" militia. It's the "well regulated" part that America has trouble with.
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    Sunday Morning Meander

    Bad dealerships are a nightmare. I guess if you have car issues, now is the best time, when heat and bugs are the worst.
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    Real Estate

    I don't think the housing market today is the same as 2008, when sub-prime lending and securitization of mortgages caused the crash. Realtors are basically holding auctions and selling houses without inspection because the demand is so high. I don't know if banks are qualifying buyers correctly...
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    A most beautiful stream

    Shortly after reading Guy's post about the bear sighting on Bozarthtown Rd I was hiking down a dark trail at 4:30 in the morning. Bordered by blueberry bushes and Atlantic White Cedar it was a 3/4 mile hike to my new favorite spot, the creek of turtles. Plus a shot from a bit further north at...
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    Bigfoots in the pines?

    Really not happy to hear that. I was planning on hiking into the Tulp tomorrow morning around 4:30 am. I hope Friendship or Franklin Parker bogs will keep him busy.
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    Bigfoots in the pines?

    Mitch Hedberg said: “Bigfoot is blurry, and that's extra scary to me. There's a large out of focus monster roaming the countryside”
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    Out And About

    I did a quick check of the manual, couldn't find the specific reference. If you want to focus on the snakes eye for instance, touch the snakes eye on the screen in the regular, unmagnified live view, then zoom in so the square expands each time until you are at max magnification. You should be...
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    Out And About

    Really interesting area. I am inspired to check out certain savannahs, in which I have not gotten the right shot yet. My D850 has a touch focusing featuring on the live view back screen. I am not sure if your camera has that feature, but it works very well in full daylight. The live view back...
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    Out And About

    Great shots Guy. The first shot is beautiful. You are really working the new camera system. Is that a Northern Water Snake?
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    River, Creek, and Bogs

    Shots from end of March to the present.