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    Paddling at Menantico Ponds

    Just thought I would poke around the forum and see if anyone has any input. Menantico Ponds is definitely one of my favorite places to kayak/canoe in South Jersey. I am looking for different ways to approach the area. I grabbed the coordinates below from google maps. I have always put in...
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    9th annual pine barrens cleanup!

    This will be my first year coming to the cleanup. Pm sent.
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    Driving Harrisonville Lake to Oswego Lake

    Planning on taking a kayak trip today and am looking at google earth. I was gonna take the scenic way and go up martha rd and left on allen rd to go over to the lake. Besides the potential for a lot of water right now, is there anything that would stop me from doing that? I ask because once...
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    Batona Trail

    I'm thinking about heading out and hiking the Batona Trail over one of the upcoming weekends. If I'm not mistaken, bow hunting season started on the 3rd right? Is it recommended that I wear orange the whole time. Are there any rules about how close to the trail people can hunt? Which...