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    The Asian Tigers are out

    Already Chigged a number of times when I'm pretty careful. What the heck.? Seems a week ago I'm throwing another log on the fire to knock the chill off and overnight I'm getting violated by one of Jersey's voted "Most reliable to come out in force evil critters." But...! Yay...Salt water...
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    You Decide

    Hey all. Nice to catch up reading. Doing other things. Still love the history. Still back up right to the pines. Just got disheartened and things of the nature of this thread are why. Sad. I take walks out my way but that's about all. I do love seeing the many familiar names and faces and thank...
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    Hi ! Been so long I don't even bump into you anymore! Hey I'm looking to get both the boys...

    Hi ! Been so long I don't even bump into you anymore! Hey I'm looking to get both the boys their safety certs for watercraft. There are so many out there that claim meet NJ standards . The one you had at Batsto was actually given... by the State Police. The real deal. Was free too, but not the...
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    Lines on the Pines

    Those were fine days. Quite a lively crew we made. I hope you enjoyed. I dealt with storm blow down and breakage all day yesterday. Wasn't going anywhere.
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    Waterford Township Cleanup Day 10-14-17 08:00

    Greetings All, I imagine I'll just tag this here. I guess with no valid excuse I've become rather selfish in cleaning up the last couple years and kept it to the never ending task of picking up Pestletown Road. Now I'm gonna avoid the politics cause it just makes it worse. The situation in...
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    So I sold Out

    Oh... Perhaps I overshot a bit on my selection.. I like power when I need or want it, and I like stability..
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    So I sold Out

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    So I sold Out

    Greetings Pine Barren Citizens, I am remiss in participating in this wonderful forum so thanks all for keeping afloat. Without detail the past few years of doings have had me too deflated to even post the places I've gone and things I've seen. Been spending more time up on the Island (LBI) and...
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    Fish Factory

    I am at this site every Saturday night all year round, viewing Crab Island and many of the other wonders from the end of Great Bay Boulevard / Seven Bridges Road. Only a couple times Weather simply prohibited it. You can almost feel the thing fold in on itself from across the marshes. Look...
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    Atsion: Old and Renewed

    Perhaps a different look from another angle. Safe to say someone or another from this thread is resting here.
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    Atsion: Old and Renewed

    Wonderful... Wonderful things! D/C a sincere thanks from Largo. What a fun piece of reading.
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    Christie declares State of Emergency

    All happened to quick to photo Saturday but Mullica overtook the road the whole stretch from the last turn to Crowley's The water was deep enough and caution an understatement to pass through but floating logs and stuff... at one point I said "maybe cut me a break!" 542 up just at last turn...
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    ORV Management In Sensitive Areas Of Wharton

    Nature has a funny way of taking back... Ashes to Ashes so to speak. We'll never hope to fully live the lyrics ; 'They took all the trees and put them in a museum, and they charged the people a dollar and half to see 'em". (That would be too easy... look at all those costs of fees and permits...
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    Unfortunate Sea Turtle

    Greetings All, I was walking the Boulevard's End Beach which I have been doing every Saturday Eve for quite awhile now. I need it very much as it restores my mind (As best as can be restored) Last night I ran into this poor dude. A good bit larger than the top of a 55 gallon drum. My best...
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    Pine Barrens 4WD Clean up

    Hey kiddo, Missed ya on Sunday. Question... Any reason Home Port is not Atsion anymore? My little S-10 is on Farm Tags and I push my luck going anywhere far with it. That and a leaf spring hanger broke, I have it nestled in the frame so careful easy street driving is good but I fear one good...