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    Mark Demitroff Presents Old Weymouth North: A New Look — Thursday August 25, 2022 at 6:30PM

    I did. For the first five minutes there were individuals also on Zoom who did not mute their mic, so that made it a bit difficult to hear. The audio was better once that was resolved but at some points I had trouble picking up what Mark was saying. The shared screen via one of the...
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    Where is this?

    Estell Manor Park?
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    Dams on Buckshutem Creek

    When we were hiking at Mordecai, Scott (RednekF350) mentioned that the Buckshutem phenomena could have been a dam to back up the water for logging purposes. I think that could be a good possibility but it begs the question if those features could be found at other sites. Wish I could have been...
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    Stockton drendolgist identifies a New Jersey ‘champion tree’

    Hey Al, Are those Bald Cypresses still up by Batsto? They must be the northernmost ones even though I've read somewhere its in Delaware.
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    Dams on Buckshutem Creek

    Regarding "Battle Lane," I spoke to an elderly gentleman who was running Jenkin's bait shop down in Newport when I lived in Gandy's Beach and he mentioned an actual "battle" during the Revolutionary War down that way. I am highly skeptical but it is an interesting name for that area.
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    Dams on Buckshutem Creek

    My exact thoughts about you two and Mordecai lol
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    Dams on Buckshutem Creek

    I'd have to assume the water table was higher before the intake of commercial, residential, and agricultural pursuits in the area. On page 136 of the aforementioned book (printed in 1968), Mints' states "Laurel Lake is a development still under construction on the north edge of Buckshutem...
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    Dams on Buckshutem Creek

    There's an interesting section on Buckshutem in Margaret Louise Mint's "The Great Wilderness." Although mostly apocryphal and not providing adequate citation at all, it is a wealth of anecdotal information. The following was from that book (pg. 133/134 "Iszard's Mill {Buckshutem})...
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    Dams on Buckshutem Creek

    A recluse on an island in a river reached only by a dilapidated bridge seems like the life for me.
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    Dams on Buckshutem Creek

    It may depend on the water level when those were created, for instance the one Al showed seems to align with a trail but the ones Gabe posted are not. Really interesting find Gabe.
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    Fall Colors, A PBX Hike.

    It was a great time as usual and fantastic to catch up and see everyone again. Looking forward to the next one!
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    Industries in the Pines - Ghost Towns

    Miss these hikes and the after parties, as well as catching up with everyone.
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    Such a pretty day.

    what a story; so happy you are safe.
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    Plant And An Old Unused Township Stone

    I did summer school this year but we just finished up; I have about 2 and a half weeks until we go back so I'm free until then. Let me know when you want to go out.
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    Plant And An Old Unused Township Stone

    I know what you're thinking.