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    Forest hunters etiquette question

    Remember that one hunter who thought he caught me on camera walking through his area when we were looking for arrowheads? I got pretty heated being blamed for something that I didn't do. He was armed so I didn't take it further but that rubbed me the wrong way.
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    Bridge Deterioration

    They must have done this yesterday afternoon, as I was there the evening before. They took out a nice chunk of woods to make more space for parking near the Batona Trail termination or trailhead on Dan's Bridge.
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    Bridge Deterioration

    I've hiked miles up dan's bridge and can still hear the rumble as cars pass over; almost like a distant thunder.
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    I would have loved to play soccer on a field that nice when i was a kid instead of the pothole infested ruts we twisted our ankles on every sunday afternoon.
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    Pine Barren History Shorts

    you eat canned beef you're rolling the dice, especially back then
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    A shelf cloud as it passed over me in Port Republic this evening.
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    War Games in the Pines, 1941

    Yesterday I found myself engaged in some late-night online readings of historical events. I live a crazy life, I know. Regardless, I eventually detoured to the official history of Penn State Forest that was published by the NJDEP. As I read further, there was a section that very briefly...
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    Isolation 2020

    I'm not old, but like all of us, I am not getting any younger. Therefore those who are more senior than me, please bear with my pathetic attempts at "how things have changed," but I hope you at least appreciate the following anecdote and sentiment. Back in the early 1980s, I remember as a...
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    Lamb Legs and the Menantico

    As long as I've been going there, people have been making fires in that pit. I'm pretty sure thats all Nature Conservancy property.
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    what's funny is that the rain band is over the woods I know the best
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    pine barrens outside of the Pine Barrens

    This isn't the best representation but it shows the "exjunct" pine area of southwestern NJ. I've seen more accurate descriptions but this is after a cursory search. An ecological map of the NJ Pine Barrens in “The Pine Barrens of New Jersey” by Lester S. Thomas, published originally in 1977...
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    pine barrens outside of the Pine Barrens

    Yea there certainly are more elevation changes, and I'm guessing that's why it's "barren" in that area. Seems as though the higher spots are capped and acidic and the lower elevations are swampy and still have that southwestern NJ flora.
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    pine barrens outside of the Pine Barrens

    When traveling out of South Jersey, especially driving, I take pleasure in noticing the landscape changes; from outer coastal plain, to inner, to piedmont onto mountain. I often bore whichever unlucky passenger happens to be tagging along with the nuance of the elevation changes and differences...
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    Lamb Legs and the Menantico

    My friend Rick Whitehead of Bridgeton recently released an independent film titled "Menantico Blues." It is based on the hyper-local legend of Lamb Legs, a crypto-animal who haunts the woods of Newcombtown, Millville, Leamings Mill, and the Menantico Lakes. The cinematography of the Cumberland...
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    Red Foxes

    I once tracked a red fox in the snow near the Tuckahoe Etna Furnace. As soon as I felt like I was close, the fox came running up behind me, made sure I saw him, and ran away. They really are jokesters. I've never seen a flying squirrel, but when I was in the NW corner of Connecticut this...