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    Marilyn Schmidt

    There was a moment of silence at Lines on the Pines during the dinner.
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    Marilyn Schmidt

    Can't count the number of times I stopped in to "look around", aka, just stand around and talk with Marilyn awhile. She was always in the middle of some big project, but never too busy to share her love of the pine barrens with anyone who walked in. She'll be missed.
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    14th Annual Lines on the Pines

    Anybody that goes, stop by and say "hi", I have a table for South Jersey Trails there again this year, so I'll be hanging around running my mouth most of the day. :) I'll be back next to the big fireplace.
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    Maps of Harleigh Cemetery in Camden

    Yep, stopped to pay my respects to the good, grey poet. Walt Whitman, General Sewell (his grave is seriously impressive), and Ella Reeve Boor (I can't believe a grave in the early 1950s could mention Socialism so many times), were my list of targeted grave to visit. Wandered around a bit to...
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    Maps of Harleigh Cemetery in Camden

    13 years after I post on on a thread here about going to visit, I finally made it Wednesday. Of course, I totally forgot the Arthur Pierce was buried there, so I'll have to go back. Found the grave of historian Charles Boyer through... Boyer isn't far from General Sewell.
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    Webbs Mill Bog Trail - Lacey Township, NJ

    Good to know! Where's the dam in relation to the boardwalk? I didn't do too much poking around away from the trail because the minivan (ugh... stupid having three kids and needing a minivan) offroads about as well as a... well, a minivan and it was during gun week in the woods.
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    Webbs Mill Bog Trail - Lacey Township, NJ

    Figured that one out the hard way! At least Google Maps gave me a pretty good idea where the trail was, which helped. :) For those who haven't been, I'm taking this picture from the sign. My kids are standing on the trailhead.
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    Thick Hole

    Fellow at Lines in the Pines who was involved had a book about it this year that he was selling. He made it sound fascinating. I haven't gotten to it yet, but we'll see if the book is as interesting as him talking was.
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    Webbs Mill Bog Trail - Lacey Township, NJ

    Few weeks back in the rain and cold, took the family exploring. I finally managed to make it to Webbs Mill Bog to see the pitcher plants. The boardwalk is short and sweet, but finding the trail was a bit of pain (drove past the trailhead twice). Rain suit kind of day... Boardwalk is...
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    Dr. James Still Nature Trail - Medford, NJ

    A week ago, we attended the grand opening of the Dr. James Still Nature Trail, located at the Dr. James Still Historic Office Site & Education Center! The trail, kiosk, and herb gardens were created as part of a pair of Eagle Projects from two Boy Scouts in Medford and Medford Lakes (article on...
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    Ghost Tracks

    I was thinking about heading down to see this last weekend. The pictures of folks who went kind of make me glad I didn't, it was a madhouse down there. Someone got clever and took some shots at night, with some helpers pointing a flashlight to stand in for the train light. It was a really...
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    The last male Northern White Rhino

    This is so sad. :( Apparently they saved some of his little swimmers so that they can attempt to bring them back, but how do you manage that when there are two of something left on Earth?
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    Thousands of Native American artifacts unearthed in Camden archaeological dig

    Little outside the pines, but fascinating finds in Camden. "Thousands of Native American artifacts unearthed in Camden archaeological dig" By Kevin Riordan Full article...
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    Lines on the Pines

    Was a good year this year, had my own table for the first time. Spent too much money on books, which is a given. I went to the dinner for the first time, got to hang out with Kayak Karl and his wife, it was a blast. :)
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    Port Republic Trails - Bog Trail and Peninsula Trail

    Apologies for no posts then a million posts, getting caught up on trail reviews today... My dad passed just before Thanksgiving, so I took a day at the end of the month to take the oldest kid hiking. We opted for the Port Republic Trails. We'd done the Mill Pond Loop in the Spring, so we...