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    Salem Oak

    Al, that is the correct Oak tree. there are alot of large trees that were on that tract prior to WalMart's construction. The property was formerly RCA's plant/offices
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    One of the best send-off's

    "Cancer died too so it was a tie"
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    Guess Who ?

    I got word that All Horner tried to join the ECEA's Facebook group. Can you say "mole"? This, from jack splash, Today at 10:34 AM jack splash Thanks you guys for trying to understand. This is from the ECEA (East Coast Enduro Assoc) Facebook page administrator. Beware people...
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    Marilyn Schmidt

    Very sad news. It was always a pleasure to speak with her.
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    Need feedback on which 10 yr old SUV to buy for roadtrip

    I'll tell you what NOT to buy....a Jeep Commander!
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    Census survey

    yeah, me too
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    Census survey

    Does it include "Do you or a family member own firearms?"
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    The end of Garmin Basecamp

    Remember the days of "my new unit has WAAS"?
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    Atsion Road 1913

    Clearing the underbrush. Bids today often have a line item "Clearing & Grubbing"
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    Then & Now Photos

    @Teegate ...near perfect replication!
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    I used to work as a service tech for a sewage pump company. We had alot of residential grinder pumps out there. I heard them all...."no dump stops our pump" & "we're #1 in the #2 business" were a few that come to mind. Worst part of that job wasn't poo but a lot of the units were near the shore...
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    Another local septic hauler's slogan "Satisfaction guaranteed or double your load back"
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    2019 First Day Hikes

    I'm familiar with the Stihl product. Thumbs up!
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    @Toothy Critter ....I wish I could give your post a hundred likes!
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    2019 First Day Hikes

    @92 Blazer Jeff ...if you wanna keep the greenies happy, replace your bar & chain oil with vegetable oil!;)