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    More Changes at Forked River Mountain

    I had an occurance with a pack of wild dogs in the City of Camden some years ago. No contact but I remember thinking "one more thing that'll kill you in this city".
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    A Fine Time For Fine Wine

    My father and grandfather used to make wine in the cellar of their home where they had a wine press up against the main beam of the building. They'd press the grapes as much as they could, take a break and have a cigarette. They'd take a couple of more turns on the press, , take a break....this...
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    Saying farewell to the Toyota FJ Cruiser

    Had a spider inside the speedometer on my Sportster. He finally died but his remains are still in there.
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    Webbs Mill Branch

    Took a ride by the beaver dam at Webbs Mill Branch yesterday. Water was flowing over the road, not at the outlet pipe but a little bit south of it. It was passable but still....
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    Nancy Wittenberg
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    WMAs closing areas

    They're speeding on the NJ Turnpike. Close it.
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    Ghost Forest

    In South Jersey they dyked large areas to farm salt hay. There are many muskrats (muskrat and oyster dinners at the fire houses) there. Some blame the anti fur people, some blame new trapping regulations but the muskrat population is expanding like never before. They burrow through the dykes...
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    Engine Mount

    Does anyone else think it's wrong that you have to replace motor mounts on a car that's less than 10 years old?
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    UFO Detector

    They were already getting paid,,,,,,,
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    Let Me Introduce You To Chalkley Willitts

    Wasn't there a Chalkley in the old Andy Capp comic?
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    And so it goes, and goes

    But they keep telling us people are moving out of Jersey.
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    Off-road Article

    That woman told you what she was supposed to tell you. I don't want to argue but every one that has a 4WD and some fishing poles can buy a "Sportfishing Permit" to get on the beach, set up the portable out house, the volleyball net, the canopy to stay out of the sun and avoid buying beach...
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    Off-road Article

    =13599&hash=6d0dea73923eebc7a3c721bb57ec0477']You don't need to be a fisherman to get on to IBSP although you do need to have a fishing pole with you. Big difference.
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    Sunset at Friendship

    When I become king all cars will be rear-wheel drive (like God intended).