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    Music for the day

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    A bargain I think.
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    Not Your Pickerel Pines

    My buddies and I used to fish a pond that was near our homes. We never ate the fish because the condition of the pond was questionable. We played hockey on the same pond and would cut holes for our tip-ups and separate holes to drink the pond water. Somehow we justified it by claiming the...
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    Thick Hole

    I'm thinking North Newark is north of Newark, Delaware.
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    Where is this?

    Personally I think the right lintel adds to the look of a building.
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    Identify This Road

    Is Mr. Bill's the place with the giant Alfred E. Newman?
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    Triple Threat Duck Call

    Might have to adjust the reeds.
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    Searching The Clark Branch Bogs

    That deer feeder may be designed to collect antlers.
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    Rare Orchid

    Not the Pines but......
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    Music for the day

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    Music for the day

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    Ocean Spray

    I'm no expert but if the pipe wore at those locations it sounds like it may have been from something abrasive in the juice and not acidity. On another note, I like cranberry juice but I especially like it mixed with other juices (grape, apple, raspberry, etc.) or vodka.
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    Ned Knox

    I've got to know....what is the problem with that parking lot?
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    This can't be good...

    If it gets low enough they can wade across.
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    Island Beach

    I'm not totally against banding birds and ear-tagging bears etc. but I do think a lot of those piping plover bands wind up in piles of red fox crap at IBSP.