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    Has anyone been in the woods today? Are the State Forests closed to everyone for awhile?
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    Garmin hit with massive ransomware attack

    Don't fall off the edge:D
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    I been killing it you 2 months
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    Up on chew road too.
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    Russo's Market

    I alway took my boys fishing now they take me:guinness:
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    Garden 2020

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    I'm not clear on driving thru like wharton in a conceal vehicleed .Will this be aloud???
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    Music for the day

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    Isolation 2020

    No better place
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    Isolation 2020

    I'm out there all the time .If you see a black jeep stop and say hello.
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    Isolation 2020

    how to isolate yourself
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    Bigfoots in the pines?

    I met 2 guys from the show bigfoot found one evening on swamp road ,They asked me if i ever seen any thing strange ,I pointed at them and said yea you.
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    Paranormal experiences in the pines

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    Permethrin ads

    Look at this one