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    Pine Barrens Fishing Question

    Check out Colliers Mill WMA
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    Burlington County cranberries still a top crop

    So N.J. is the #3 producer of cranberries in the U.S. accounting for 65% of the national crop? This new math is confusing
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    Fall/Winter Stone Searching 2019/2020

    There are ponds just below Old Halfway on the 1930 aerials.
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    Bio students bet their tracking of an endangered snake in New Jersey’s Pine Barrens will aid in conservation
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    Music for the day

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    Feb 2019 PLC Mtg

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    NJ trying to stop endangered Pinelands shrub from going extinct

    I would inform the Pinelands Commission. Not much can be done now but it may prevent future applications from happening.
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    I've heard that a local resident bought it.
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    Mullica River Mystery

    Is the one end burned?
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    Bass River Fire Tower proposal

    They might be marking trees with nests and possible nesting areas for Barred Owl and other T&E avian species. No trees are supposed to be cut until November 1st to April 31st.
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    The beaver are gone...

    Mucho Pogonia ophioglossoides!
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    Plants And Snakes

    Yeah, I think the deer or rabbits got to them.
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    Plants And Snakes

    I checked some spots where I saw Pickerings morning glory growing nicely a few weeks ago and the plants were completely gone.
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    Plants And Snakes

    Look up Zigadenus leimanthoides. You probably found Toxicoscordion venenosum.
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    Herbicide Spraying At Double Trouble

    Last paragraph on page 89 to beginning of page 90. It sounds like this project was in the planning stages when Sandy hit so those areas were included in the AWC restoration plan.