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    Does the 'closure' apply to the owner of Paradise Lakes? Maybe he is exempt since he has the keys to the gate that currently blocks West Mill Road.
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    Closing West Mill Road

    Saturday, October 20, 2018 at 1:00 PM – 8:00 PM EDT Jeeps Beyond The Gate Hosted by Miller Farms Paradise Lakes Hammonton, New Jersey Jeeps Beyond the Gates will feature an ALL NEW OBSTACLE TRAIL, which will be almost 1 mile long. All Registered JEEPS will be able to participate in the...
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    Closing West Mill Road

    This past weekend I walked West Mill Road from Route 206 to visit one of my old hunting sites. Unfortunately I can no longer hunt there because there is a gate that prevents vehicle access. There were many trees across West Mill Road from the snow storm we had this past Spring. When I entered...
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    Closing West Mill Road

    Thank You RedneckF350 for all the research you have done regarding the newly constructed gate on Route 206. I'm much more educated on the situation now then I was yesterday at this time! I started a thread in December 2015 regarding the flooding of West Mill Road. The link to that thread is...
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    Closing West Mill Road

    Thousands of acres of New Jersey State Forest denied public access today. Hopefully this is temporary.
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    West Mill Firebreak

    Has anyone been back there recently? Currently the only access to West Mill Road is from Route 206. The other access point is from Route 542 (by the Church in Pleasant Mills). Access from Route 542 is currently closed because the bridge by the Church in Pleasant Mills is unsafe to cross...
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    I might have some information regarding the beagle you found on Route 206. I hunt back off West...

    I might have some information regarding the beagle you found on Route 206. I hunt back off West Mill Road and frequently encounter a man who runs 2 beagles along West Mill Road.