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    Chatsworth Lake

    Yup, it's been low before. Kind of neat to see the sand "islands" that I've gotten out of my canoe and waded when the level was normal.
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    Chatsworth Lake

    My brother Tom and I went to Chatsworth Lake this past Saturday. We fished from sandy shore lines that are normally under water. While we fished, we picked up bottles that were thrown into the lake in years past. We ended up with 10 bags of bottles and cans. Hopefully we'll continue to clean it...
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    I registered with the state when it first started. I received an email last week that there were appointments available in October. Had already called my family doctor and got an appointment in 8 days. 2nd shot is in 2 weeks.
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    Hello all!

    Hello all. It been a few years since I've been on the site. Life has not been kind to my wife and I health wise. First me and then her. My wife unfortunately passed away on 13 February, 2021. I've been her nurse for the last year and a half. Now with her gone I am finding solace in the pines...
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    Frost may be coming

    Ah, Friday night, I opened my window and I fell asleep to the death cries of all the chiggers!
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    Jackson Road Closed

    Yup, you're right Redneck. So many road names change I can't keep up! It's A.G.E. disease. Gets worse every year!
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    These secluded 60-year-old fishing cabins could be demolished by the state

    Figures. New Jersey always seems to take what it wants, when it wants it.
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    Jackson Road Closed

    I take Jackson Road from Rt 73 to the 1st stop sign going towards Indian Mills (just past the cranberry bog), to get to work. It looks like they are replacing a storm drain or sewer line. There is a detour if I'm running late (which is almost every day these days). It is usually open on my way...
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    Need every drop we can get.
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    Scary kind of Wet

    Read a story about a guy who drowned under similar circumstances. Someone said "at least he died doing what he loved". No he didn't, he drowned!!! Found myself in a similar situation a few years later and thought of that article. I got out, but I was truly scared. I'm alone in the woods a lot...
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    Any luck fishing at Atsion lake?

    BTW, Jeff, remember when my brother Tom and I ran into you fishing a few years back? I took a sneak picture of what you were using. Your secret is safe with me, just wanted you to know that I know.................
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    Any luck fishing at Atsion lake?

    I caught my first pickerel in Atsion lake. No pun intended, but I've been hooked ever since. I've had luck there with bass assassin minnows (or anything similar) with a #6 weedless hook.
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    Seasons are a Changin'

    That whole area south of Atsion is beautiful. I've walked it a few times, but would never drive it. When the weather turns cooler I'll have to give it a go. Nice pictures, as usual. Thanks for posting.
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    Jersey Devil ultimate pop culture thread

    Hmm, Denise and I were just out at Leeds Point on Tuesday. At sunset. Heard a scream. Jumped in the car and took off......... (LOL!)
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    Pine Barren Flora

    They certainly did. Hopefully will be up for some good walks in the fall! Have taken some short teaser hikes and I feel great!