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    Mount Misery

    sunday night oddity...really weird ok, tonight 10/19/08 around 7:00 pm me and 2 of my friends were going down mt. misery road this past sunday. coming from rt. 70 we turned onto the road and went down past the camp and made a right on a somewhat dirt road. then we made a few lefts and rights...
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    Adirondack Trip

    Wow, what a beautiful place. I have an old bill book that has now fallen apart. It was from an old general store in the later 1800's. The store was in upper jay, new york. It was very interesting to read all these old bills and receipts. There were Winchester bills and freight receipts. So now I...
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    Have ticks always been a problem?

    ment to reply to this before I grew up here and Im 45 now I don't remember having this kind of bug population when I was younger we were in the woods all the time, day and night barley used bug spray
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    cat for safe adoption

    whatev What would the right forum be? It said "It talk about anything here and keep it civil"........................................The myspace link I guess has to be signed in. Just trying to help a little homeless cat................never mind.
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    cat for safe adoption

    :happycat:If anyone is interested in adopting this great silly cat or helping me get direction on putting him up for safe adoption. I am fostering him and he needs a home. Kookie needs a home. Lovable and lonely, "Kookie" cat needs a good home. Kookie has been displaced and is homeless due...
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    Fox in my sleep

    poor cat :jeffd:Coincidentally, I have a black cat leg issue. A black feral cat, blind in one eye, got hit by a car I'm assuming and dragged itself into my uncle's basement. He's rather unfriendly and is being called mister hister because he hisses, alot. he has an appetite but he is pretty...
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    mystery cemetery birdsville

    Well, I am beginning to get a sense of closure on my mystery cemetery at birdville/ten mile hollow/dover forge. MH Septor was the volunteer caretaker of the property and the birdhouse maker. Someone who did know the family suggested that he "faked" a little cemetery and put the bones there to...
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    Fox in my sleep

    Google I just Googled it. I'm getting cayenne pepper, human hair from a salon, human pee in a watering can. Also, tiger poop from the zoo. Also, although not it's preferred meal a small or weaken cat is an opportunity for a fox.
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    Fox in my sleep

    fox Find out what foxes don't like and put it around your house. As Raccoons don't like light and noise putting flood lights and a loud radio evicts them from your attic. There's probably some things equally disturbing to a fox. Moth balls are frequently irritating to wildlife of different...
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    Fox in my sleep

    cat he's cute. he wears mittens. I had a cat that looked like him her name was spike. smartest cat in the world. she could turn a door knob suing bother paws standing on her hind legs. My one cat is 20+ years old. She deaf, arthric, has glaucoma and a bad thyroid. In the wild she'd be coyote...
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    Hollow Field Cemetery

    pics ok, I think I figured out my misunderstanding, thanks
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    Hollow Field Cemetery

    well......... well everything seemed fine untill I found 2 of my photos in one of Bob's could that have happend?
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    Hollow Field Cemetery

    Thanks everyone for connecting with me on my quest for Hollow Field Cemetery. I did find it. It is on the same trail as the Birdsville area, which I was looking for to begin with. I am almost sure that it is not the Birdsville Cemetery, although similar and close by. The Birdsville cemetery was...
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    Thank You Thank You, checking now!