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    Ive been living in Belcoville for the last year. Ive discovered some stuff but Im sure not half the ruins there. Did dig up some cool stuff too when making a garden in the springtime.
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    Im on dover road once a day at least and ive never seen one, ill be looking around more now lol
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    Weird shrine

    lol that would be Jay-Z and omarion, definately a rap filled cd
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    Pines Findings

    I found one next to my white truck 2 summers ago, i walked it back to the lake lol I also found a huge Painter turtle by the lake the other day, had to put it back in the water since i was afraid my demon dog was gonna harm it
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    Jersey Devil I have the real nj devil at my house, anyone is welcome to have him sleep over lmao
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    Spikes in the ground (lacey)

    yeah and its bully! lol But Damian has more energy than him , ill have to leash him. That would also explain why all 3 of my trucks have been breaking!
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    Spikes in the ground (lacey)

    I just saw this, man i hope these things arent by my house, i was gonna start taking the puppy through trails with me when the weather is better
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    Nice turtle pics, Ive loved them all of my life and owned many as a kid, of course they were all set free. I caught a baby painter the size of a quarter last monday while swimming in whiting.
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    Shameful Harvest

    Isnt that lovely, and to see the wire and stuff makes me shudder. What if a child or someone walks barefoot in the area and steps on that wire or rusty metal, no good. Or even if someone had to pull a vehicle over they could puncture a tire causing them to have to pay out of their own pocket...
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    Signs along Highways

    I never noticed signs like that but now ill be looking for them
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    Pics from sunday 5/4/08

    They still never announced the winner, not on their site or in the magazine and woodjin, yes it is I think we stared at the water for about 10 minutes
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    Pics from sunday 5/4/08

    yep, i live down the street from him lol
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    Pics from sunday 5/4/08

    Went for a walk on sunday and took a few pics. enjoy!
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    So what are you doing for Valentines Day?

    I dunno what im doing for vday, prolly be home most of the day lol