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    How do we stop the damage?

    A possible solution to this problem would be to give these people a place to ride that moves them away from this area. Charge a fee or membership and it basically pays for itself.
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    Tuckerton Fish Factory

    Newb Question but:.... Any good launch sites for a kayak if one wanted to explore the fish factory from the water?
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    Spotlight Article on Off-Roading

    Yes I have been to Rausch Creek, and it is a big park. I was simply using the idea of it for the already marked trails in the pine barrens or maybe another location to defer people off roading in the pine barrens. As for confiscation goes: If you know about Sarco in manchester I would bet any...
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    Spotlight Article on Off-Roading

    If the state was smart they could "cash in" on a idea of designated trails for off roading, kind of what they do for Rausch Creek in P.A. ( Mark off a few trails that they already have for ORV and charge either a day pass deal or year membership. This could even create a few...
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    Ghosts in the Pines?

    Don't want to discredit your story but couldn't it of been a deer?
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    Mount Misery

    My experience on mount misery road in Pemberton township happened a few years ago around 2011. My 3 friends took my jeep and followed another car of friends to mount misery from the jersey shore area to check things out. Ive been there before to see the cross and church seats in the woods which...