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    Vaccine availability

    I won't be eligible til Aug.
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    Cranberry Farming Has a History in NJ (Thanksgiving Recipe Included)

    I just made cranberry sauce with Jersey fresh cranberries. It'll be just the two of us, and we'll have leftovers for months. I also made this pie. Yes, that's Covid on it. Happy, safe, healthy Thanksgiving everyone!
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    Ticks & Chiggers--a study

    Bob, great photos. They show very clearly an easy way to identify a black-legged tick. The ventral (belly) view shows what's called the adanal groove, or an arch that surrounds the tick's anus. No other genus of ticks has this and it's a very quick way to ID what you have.
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    Forest hunters etiquette question

    Holy crap am I old.
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    Forest hunters etiquette question

    Is it legal to bait deer in NJ?
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    Tick control?

    The lone star tick larvae are out and about through about September, and then in Oct/Nov, the adult deer ticks come out. Seems it's always tick season.
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    The best part of these: You can program the turn signals to make a fart sound instead of a click.
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    New Insect Repellent in the Future

    Well, that's certainly great news!
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    Pretty big hornet

    Queen Yellowjacket.
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    Tick control?
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    Tick control?

    I don't think they'd use the stuffing in the tubes to nest with.
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    Tick control?

    Caveat: They work for Black-Legged ticks and other species that use small rodents for intermediate hosts, but aren't likely to make a big difference in populations of Lone Star ticks, since they don't bite rodents nearly as much.
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    Tick control?

    They come highly recommended from me. They're not new, they've been around for quite a while.
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    Isolation 2020

    Let's hope you don't ever see a pandemic. But I assure you, it's different in NY.