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    Property Stones And More... Fall 2022/ Winter Spring 2023

    Recently I acquired a few new maps with one in particular adding some distances and bearing to a similar map I have that does not. I was out early and with an hour drive the sun was coming up as I was searching. This map shows the stone I was looking for. Surveyor George Sykes found the stone...
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    Hampton Gate Hotel

    I went back today and measured the one remaining wall. It is 31 feet long. And from the closest wall to the stream or river it is 100 feet. It the building was 31 x 31 the closest wall would be 70 feet from the river. I also found this terracotta cap or whatever. This may date the ruins and...
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    Pine Barrens Sketches

    Very nice John! Thanks for showing us that.
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    Dover Forge

    I did show you once but it was an old dark copy I had. I have since acquired a better copy.
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    Hampton Gate Hotel

    I will hold off on posting anything until I can look into this more.
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    Dover Forge

    Ask them what they know about Zebulon Collins who is buried in the Hollowfield cemetery at Ten Mile Hollow. Also ask them if they knew his house was located 30 feet from Black's Bridge. Here is a photo of his house at Blacks Bridge on the right. The far building was the Chiselers Club, Tilly...
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    Hampton Gate Hotel

    BTW everyone, I am still working on the hotel. I just have not gone back there to measure and look it over more. But there are some things to consider. I have a copy of a map drawn around 1798 showing the area when the Ashbridge's owned the Hampton property. And in what MIGHT be the same...
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    Hampton Gate Hotel

    I don't really know.
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    Godfrey's Bridge

    This photo is on the dirt paved section in the middle looking back towards the campground. That is the smaller bridge ahead. And turning around looking away from the campground looking at the bigger bridge.
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    Godfrey's Bridge

    It is two separate bridges with dirt between them as the article mentions.
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    Fall on the Atsion Burn --- A PBX Trip

    I walked around with them and don't have a problem. The pair I have is the same way but not as bad. But if you look at the boots in general closely it is obvious as everyone is saying that they are not made as well as they previously were.
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    Some people say they edited or ignored their comments in the first virtual meeting.
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    Godfrey's Bridge

    Not sure if this was posted before.
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    Sawmill Locations

    If you did see one that is new to me.