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    Today's Exploring

    I was looking over aerials 2 weeks ago and saw this. We went there last Saturday but as we turned onto a road nearby it was lined with vehicles with nobody in them. Hunters. So we waited until early this morning and found it. We were seeing the roof of this structure. The bottom...
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    Pine Barrens Jamboree October 9, 2021

    Tell Barbara hello. The owner of this site (Ben) and I traveled with her and Budd Wilson to Howardsville and Union Clay Works many years ago in Ben's Jeep.
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    A Fine Time For Fine Wine

    Well done Ben! They sure look nice.
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    Today's Exploring

    I suspect you are correct Tom. I see on Google they are Hemileuca Maia and typically fly between noon and 2PM on sunny days from October to December. Ugly looking caterpillars and they sting. After finding the Puss caterpillar a few years back I have stopped picking all caterpillars up that I...
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    Raining here now. Jess said it sounded like ice.
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    Today's Exploring

    We were in Lebanon this morning searching for monuments and stones and found a few monuments along the South Branch of the Mt. Misery Brook. There are some nice cedar area's in there and some not so nice area's. Anyway, this monument is along what was the Rogers Exception to the Hanover Farm's...
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    Lovely day kayaking on the Mullica up to Lock's Bridge

    Nice! The turtle looks like it is about to disappear.
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    Where is this?

    Quite a bit of lost history there. All kinds of things to see if you wander on state land. And I found a major mistake in the Wharton survey and it is easy to get on private land and not know it. Jessica did not like being there.
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    Where is this?

    The road name ends with the letter N. Or you could say it is two words and the first ends with L. Jess and I have explored the front of the vehicle. :) And we have driven right through the right tire.
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    Curtis Armstrong!
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    Popcorn Park Box Turtle

    Interesting turtle. I suspect the previous owners had something to do with it's attitude.
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    More Changes at Forked River Mountain

    I was in my car. But the rear window was open and the dogs were about to jump up when I picked up speed.
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    More Changes at Forked River Mountain

    I wish I had a photo of the wild dogs chasing me on Savoy Blvd. It was a large pack living at Pioneer Smelting.
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    Thanks Scott. I go by there all the time but mainly come up Pennington. And it was just recently that I realized that Pennington was not Chew Road. Anyway, I occasionally go down the old pike and will make it a point to pass by the next time I go. I will take the photo with me.
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    Burn Area's

    If you see a freshly burned area in the Lebanon / Wharton / Ocean County area please post the general location here. I am trying to get to them before vegetation grows in the spring.