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    Where is this?

    Its very far from the pines. It looks like the marker along the Palisades and Hudson River. A very nice trail system too I might add.
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    Where is this?

    I remember going there and driving down a dirt road to get to the lake before the county fixed it up. There was an old building down near the edge of the lake. I remeber a lot of the boards were painted white.
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    Where is this?

    I knew it immediately once I saw the dock
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    The blue comet

    I have eaten there many times. They just did some remodeling to the outside of the car last year. Last time I was there I was eating next to the guy that runs the garage down at Winslow Junction. They have one of the Blue Comet cars there too. Try the burger challege and you could win some money
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    Where is this?

    The dam at Wells Mills, facing the dock where they rent the canoes/kayaks
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    Porsche unveils 911 Dakar, an off-road beast

    I realize they could trailer it. But with a top speed 28 MPH on land and 3.7 on water. It might take a while to rescue someone deep in the pines!
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    Dover Forge

    I guess that is were the hamlet was, but not the cemetary
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    Dover Forge

    10 Mile Hollow Update I had some time to kill before it got depressingly dark at 3:30 on Sunday Afternoon. Decided to pay a visit to 10 mile Hollow and a large foundation on the edge of Greenwood Forrest in Bamber. A gate has been installed at 10 MH. Because of its proximity to the airport can...
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    Dover Forge

    There is not much to see at 10 Mile Hollow. Last time I was there the road to it had more garbage then anything else. The cemetary was missing the stone markers which were nothing more than rocks. The metal cross someone made was in pieces on the ground.
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    Illegal off-road vehicles continue to tear up N.J. forests. Advocates push for crackdown.

    They said "Environmental advocates say illegal off-road vehicles continue to tear up Wharton State Forest and other national parks in New Jersey" I did not know ORVs are an issue at Ellis Island, The Great Falls, Morristown, Delaware Water Gap and Sandy Hook
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    Pinelands Commission Pond Study Report

    Bob, The house was built in 1966, and is about 1200 square feet. I would guess only 3 acres is cleared and the rest is wooded. The previous owner had some horses there and owned the 20 acre parcel next door as well. I am not sure if that piece which is cleared was used for farming. I was told a...
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    Nice fish!!!
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    Pinelands Commission Pond Study Report

    Interesting! I bought a 13 acre home in Galloway Twp at the begining of summer. On the property are two swampy areas that were dry but in previos imagery show water present. Just last week I noticed a professional looking metal ruler in the back of 1 swamp. The previous property owner was listed...
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    Nice NJPP orv vehicle.

    Question is: If they have only one for the whole state. Where do they keep it? Is it for SAR only or do they patrol with it.
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    Scheduled Replacement Of Bridge On Access Way For Two Local Campsites Sparks Calls For Officials To Fix ‘Dangerous’ Road

    Is there actually something wrong with it or is the state just updating it? I have driven over the bridge numerous times this summer and never noticed an issue. Perhaps they are going to build it like Evans bridge with fencing to stop people from jumping off and have a seperate pedestrian walkway.