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    Forked River Mountain

    It now looks like a dump for tree stumps
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    WMAs closing areas

    it all BS the only thing that damaging the area is the dumping of trash. that area has not changed in 50 years that I've seen.
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    More Changes at Forked River Mountain

    motorcycles and bicycles
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    More Changes at Forked River Mountain

    is our tax money being used now if so it should be open to every one not just walkers
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    More Changes at Forked River Mountain

    I for one don't like it In a few years they will probably close all the roads off and just allow you to walk in there that how the do it a little at a time.
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    Closing West Mill Road

    I will take a ride back there with my dual sport bike and check out the road
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    Pinelands Commission Resolution: MAP 2.0

    They already have the concern areas closed off. What more to they want
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    Closing West Mill Road

    I spoke to a ranger at the atsion station today. From what I understand the dep nor the state closed the road. So that means the park police will not enforce the no trespassing signs. The Hammonton police would be the only ones enforcing the no trespassing and you will never see a hammonton...
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    Closing West Mill Road

    It looks like a state posted no motor vehicles sign. And it does not say private property has anyone called the DEP to find out. I will be out riding tomorrow if and win I see a park officer I will ask him.
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    Blocking ATV Access To Spung's In Wharton

    Spoke to a park police officer today he said things have been quite.
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    Enduro Club Use of the Pines

    Motorcycles are not causing anymore damage to the forest than A control burn does. I been riding the pines for Over 50 years and it has not changed that much. Riding in the fire cuts helps keep them open. That idiot Al Horner Wants to close the forest off to everyone. He has no consideration...
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    Washington Tpke 745 acre thinning bid

    It looks like a waste land out there. I wonder how many animals were killed or injured while these trees are being cut down.
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    Tour Wharton ORV Destruction

    Are you saying Jason is telling lies and making up stories
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    Pineland Commission approves pipeline

    I know a lot of people are against the pipeline but it a done deal. And the Dakota pipeline will be a done deal Once Trump is in offfice.
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    How do we stop the damage?

    I ran into some park police officers two weeks ago. They said things were quite out in Wharton with no New damage to report. So it appears that the damege is stopping. Does that make everyone happy now.