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    Pine Barrens Fishing Question

    Ditto...especially Turn Mill Pond, ... bass, pickerel, channel cats, sunnies and a rare perch
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    Frosty Monday morning

    Nerd :)
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    Autumn Road

    Works thanks. This should be hanging in The MET :)
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    Autumn Road

    Hmmm. I can't open it [The requested page cannot be found]
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    Busy in the woods

    I'll never keep up Jon, but a few of mine:)
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    It Sure Felt Like A Bee ...But Was It?

    IDK if there is any concrete proof as to what colors attract or repel bees, and or, wasps. Some claim white repels, some say avoid white altogether. I notice white shirts in your pics. I always lean toward white in the Summer because I was told it will not attract biting flies. Can't say the...
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    It Sure Felt Like A Bee ...But Was It?

    That's looks like a map of the route Capt. Wrong Way Peachfuzz used to take on the old Rocky and Bullwinkle show:)
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    Not Your Pickerel Pines

    Nice bass, but... the shirt???:rolleyes:
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    Mullica River Mystery

    A wedge to push cedar garveys off the bank or mud flats
  10. Toothy Critter there anybody in there

    The longer this goes on the more confused I get. But I don't care if I ever get to set foot on the property and catch a fish as long as this friendly discourse between Bobpbx and 46er continues. :) Its worth it. Bless you both
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    30 inchers ???:eek:
  12. Toothy Critter there anybody in there

    I am so confused now. It does seem as though I was BS'ed. I should pay a visit to the address in Carteret that you posted, but it is shown simply as a house. Although Plumstead did say that there WAS a plan in effect at one time to create public use but that those plans were abandoned. IDK...
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    Excellent Please keep me posted if you get a response
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    Look, IDK who said what to whoever. The only info I got was from a woman that works for Plumstead Township. Whether or not there are people pulling strings in the backround, I wouldn"t know. Did they actually call the property owner, or are they friends with the neighbor of the road and made...