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    Batona Question(s)

    The north and south sections are both correct - odd I know. I believe the area you are referring to is near the duck pond where the trail turns right off the dirt road through the woods then returns to the road. I noticed this during a recent hike on the trail. I am guessing the section through...
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    Glad to hear you've healed up! :dance: Be more careful next time you decide not to "stick" to the trail :mrgreen:
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    Atsion: Old and Renewed

    At the Lines in the Pines at Sweetwater Casino, I was told the plan is to open the mansion for tours possibly in the early fall. My mom said that she was told that back in the 1952 so we'll see - would be cool to see inside the other remaining mansion of the Barrens industrial age. :dance:
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    Greetings! New to area

    Would show it knows how to adapt to modern society - good for him! :mrgreen: Welcome to the site J_Ignacio!
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    school project

    Good luck with your paper! There are numerous books that deal with towns in the Pines and has been mentioned, this place is a great source of information to get you started :)
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    The Old Union Church, Long Valley

    My German's a little rusty (took it in high school). I think it says "Here rests nicely" - it's inscribed "Hier ruhet der Lieb des Arnold Kleehaus...". I'm looking at the other stone which begins "Here rests in God Conrad Rorich, born 1723, died 16 April 1790, aged 67 years and 9 months..." The...
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    old bogs

    Cool pics! Looks like a nice place to explore. Thanks for sharing! :)
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    The Old Union Church, Long Valley

    Interesting post! Thanks :) Mark, I took a closer look at the German etched stone. It appears the name is Arnold Kleehaus (it's etched Klee=haus); the word "gebornen" is also kinda squished in the one corner - born 12 April 1721. It is carved in fraktur writing. It's interesting to note his...
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    So what are you doing for Valentines Day?

    Look at life like the Pine Barrens - every rough road leads to one that's'll find a decent road eventually. Don't give up!
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    So what are you doing for Valentines Day?

    Takin my girl to the Flyers game in Philly on Valentines Day...I'm more of a NASCAR fan, but she loves hockey.
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    Know what these are?

    Area 39 doesn't exist :ninja: ;)
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    Know what these are?

    :mrgreen: especially the one - would look interesting with a candle in it
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    Know what these are?

    I agree - they are neat.