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    Missing person in Pines

    Lovers Lane. A relative of the missing man said his car was found at the park on River Road at Lovers Lane.
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    Updated Forum Software

    All better on Firefox from here, Ben. I like the new design.
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    Updated Forum Software

    Yes. "This website does not supply identity information. The connection to this website is not fully secure because it contains unencrypted elements (such as images)."
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    Sandy aftermath

    Ben, is it okay for me to suggest that people contribute via Paypal to Now might be a good time for me to go ahead and donate for the upkeep of the site or for whatever you need.
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    Here's a good laugh for ya....

    It was taken down, but look what's up now:
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    Traps and marshmellows

    My understanding is that they place the traps sometime after the vaccines have been dropped in order to test the raccoons for the efficacy of the vaccine. I couldn't find any notices that vaccines had been dropped in NJ this year, but that doesn't mean that they weren't. They could be trapping...
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    Traps and marshmellows

    Here's some information about the USDA's rabies vaccine baiting program that I found.
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    A friend of mine in Avalon with the fire department made it through with no water in their house or garage and no damage, but their power JUST went out.
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    Hello - journalist looking for your craziest (or just best) Pine Barrens stories here!

    I often tell visitors that it's an acquired taste.
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    Buzby's is up for sale.....

    They did turn a profit (and the food was good), but I heard a couple of different reasons why they didn't renew the lease. When I saw the sign up that Buzby's is for sale, my first thought was that I hoped that couple would buy it.
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    Where to pedal in the pines???

    My kids are a little younger than your son and are also not up to the challenge of sugar sand. They like riding the Pemberton Rails to Trails path. It's not technical at all--flat and packed--and they'll ride 3 miles round trip and beg for more (or beg for slushies at the Wawa next to the...
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    Police Search???

    I wonder if it was related to this competition:
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    Rails At Double Trouble

    I remembered reading an article that talked about the rails at Double Trouble, and actually found it. I couldn't find it online, so I'm transcribing a portion of it here. Any typos are mine. From the March 1991 Crew Caller, a publication of the West Jersey Chapter of the National Railway...
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    Constructing a Pinelands Garden, Soil Question

    Cranberries can grow well in pure sand or in peat or in a combination of the two. Massachusetts cranberry growers tend to use peat; NJ growers don't. There are growers on the West Coast who use sawdust. An advantage to using peat or some other organic matter below a top layer of sand is that it...
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    Constructing a Pinelands Garden, Soil Question

    Justin, you might find this article helpful. The New England Wild Flower Society is in Framingham.