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    Tyndall Island Hike, Large Scat

    Hey all been dormant for a while. Friend and I went for an adventure hike to the far reaches of Tyndall island today(This will be our 5th time there) got a late start and found ourselves wading through chest high water to get to the entrance of the large part of the island(s). Hiked through the...
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    Burlington Island and Jessup's Grove

    Hey all it's been quite a while since I posted last. I just picked up the book The Pine Barrens, John Mcphee and read it cover to cover. Havn't been able to get into the sticks as much as I wanted to this year and reading that book sure got the inspiriation flowing. But on a side note Im asking...
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    Oswego Kayak trip 7/4/06

    Me and my 2 buddies headed out about 8 to finally do the Oswego trip we wanted to do. AWESOME. Water level was a little low. Traffic was a little high but we found so many cool creatures and plants it was great. Leapord frogs, Pickeral frogs I believe they were, caught a bunch of baby painters...
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    Wilderness Camping

    I am thicking about hiking to some remote spots in Wharton. What kind of permit do I need to stay over night and have a small fire sans a campsite. Has anyone ever done this?
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    Education is important.

    I was just readin Bigfoots posts..Guess I sparked something in him too. When you know what your doing metal detecting does not have an impact on anyone. You dig your whole with a small serrated digger in a plug shape. Carefully pull the plug out trying to keep it whole onto a cloth. When the...