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    Confirmed tornado in Northwest Ocean County

    The NWS in Mount Holly confirmed an EF-1 tornado touchdown in the vicinity of Colliers Mill and 539 during yesterdays severe thunderstorms. Here in Atlantic County we didn't have any offical criteria severe weather, however we did see some intense lightning and strong wind gusts. Additionally...
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    The Stagecoach Stop- Medford Looks like it's about to come down (dated from Oct 28th). If anybody wanted to get any last minute pictures from the outside, this may be your last chance. Does anybody know any history about this place? Apparently it dates...
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    Cold morning in the pines

    A few pictures from this morning, they pretty much tell the story here in interior Atlantic County: I live on the edge of a swamp so radiational cooling is more...
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    Abandoned building on 206

    I know this isn't exactly within the Pine Barrens, though it's close (closer than Burlington Island :) )... and I figured somebody might know the history of this place. North of 537 along 206 but south of Columbus at Jobstown-Jacksonville Rd there’s a very old building that sits on the...
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    Thunder in the pines

    Thunder in the pines (thunderstorms) I took these a last week... I had been meaning to get these on the board, but time hasn't allowed it. Anyways, here are a few shots from the thunderstorm on 3-29-09 that hit. I explained the setup a bit in this thread...
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    Hog Island burn

    A few pics from the burn at Hog Island yesterday, between Lower Bank and Egg Harbor City. Thanks to a breakdown in communication this was first thought to be a plane crash, which caused a full emergency response with ambulances, news helicopters, and the coast guard etc... in reality though they...
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    Rezoning in Atlantic and Cumberland counties.

    This article appeared in the Press of Atlantic City today discussing proposed changes to the Pinelands land map in sections of Atlantic and Cumberland counties. Under the new map sections of Atlantic County which are presently either Rural Development or Regional Growth would become newly...
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    Spring snow

    Some lingering precipitation behind a cold front created a surprise burst of snow this morning here in the pines of Atlantic County and along most of the eastern half of New Jersey. Here are the pics: