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    NJ targets southern pine beetles
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    Interesting find on ebay.
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    Historic Aerials Update

    Not sure if this was mentioned but it looks like Historic Aerials has updated their site. Seems much easier to use, not sure how I feel about the lines in the pics.
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    Interactive map idea.

    After seeing what has gone on with the discussions about 1/4 mile and other areas I thought there must be some way to come together on this. I believe there are intelligent people on both sides of the four-wheeling/land use debate but I think there is one thing we can agree on, there is damage...
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    Article on old duck hunting shack that has stood for years in LBI.

    I have watched this decay for the past 25 years. Have always wondered about it and now it has it's own Facebook page...
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    Watch the old NJN Mother Leeds 13th Child movie here!

    I know this was discussed a few years ago on here but I just happened to find the movie online. Wanted to pass it along to all the people who have never scene it. It is quite funny to watch now but we had to watch this every year in grade school and I can still remember each scene. Well, here...
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    Anyone here into metal detecting?

    Thought about purchasing one, was always interested in it but just wanted to hear some opinions. I know you can't do it on state property so I don't plan on doing that. Would be nice to hear what people have to say before I spend some money. Thanks in advance.
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    SJ Magazine Article on Emilio Carranza

    The print version has a picture of workers removing the wreckage.
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    Cool pic of the motorcycle with the sidecar.

    It looks like a Russian made Ural. I've never seen one in person. Cool stuff!
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    Atsion train picture.

    I just wanted to comment how awesome this picture is! Just when you think you have seen everything! I am not a train expert but I am guessing a Hinkley Locomotive Works 4-4-0?
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    Minor article on turtle deaths in Middle Township.
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    I just had to post this.

    Sometimes I am really baffled by the way people think. Next thing to be banned in cars is heat. Do you have any idea how distracting it is to turn those knobs? This stuff has to end at some point. Remember, it is all for your safety and has nothing to do with trying to bring in money for...
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    Something caught on camera?

    We are just trying to figure out what it is. The video was taken at Atco Raceway about 2 weeks and it shows something fly across the screen at a high rate of speed. Of course we have gotten everything from UFO, military jet, missile, bird to camera glitch. We are not sure and thought maybe...
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    Old tools on craigslist.

    Thought this was interesting and thought some people in here might be interested. Had a few questions: Are they really that old? What was their purpose?
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    Wildlife web cam.

    I have been viewing this web cam for a couple weeks now and wanted to posted a link on here since I thought the people on this forum would enjoy it. I just never did because I did not think it was Pine Barrens related. Well after clicking on the links it looks like the web cam is in New...
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    Thoughts on ATV use in New Jersey.

    ATV use in New Jersey and especially in the Pine Barrens has been debated for quite some time. Anyone who has read some of my posts understands I am an advocate for ATV use on state land. I recognize there is no easy solution and there is not one solution that would satisfy everyone. I still...
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    Old Indian Mills Baseball team photo.

    I wanted to pass this along as well. I was looking at the Indian Mills Historical Society website and noticed a picture of the old baseball team. Funny thing is I have the exact same photo. At least three of my relatives are in the picture. I say at least because my mother was an Abrams and...
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    Map of Indian Mills (Shamong) showing historic sites.

    I found this on the Indian Mills Historical Society website and thought some people on here might be interested in it. It does show the boundary of the reservation. The website has some additional information on it as well. Just passing...
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    Digging at corner of Tuckerton and Oakshade Road

    I noticed the other day that someone has been digging at the corner of Tuckerton and Oakshade Road in Shamong. That area used to be called Flyatt and is where the Half Moon & Seven Stars Tavern was located. It looks like someone has dug up the cellar hole and has removed some of the bricks...
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    Another canal discovered.

    Last week I ventured around an area that I have been to many times in the past. I wasn't looking for anything really just wanted to walk around and enjoy the fresh air. I drove to the end of Goshen House road and looked for a way to cross over the Mullica. Many ATV's and dirt bikes have been...