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  1. stiltzkin

    Spring Landscapes

    A few landscape selections from the past few months... Some neat textures in a sand quarry. Technically just outside the borders of the Pinelands National Reserve, but a familiar view from the top of a nearby hill. Maybe the best looking lighthouse in the state at the moment, while Old...
  2. stiltzkin

    A Sad Sight

    I was out in the Speedwell side of the Parker Preserve early this morning, taking some pictures along the Wading. It was a great morning, the only detraction being clouds of mosquitoes and the green haze of pollen in the air. After that I made one more stop; I pulled into the parking lot at...
  3. stiltzkin

    Signs of Spring

    Local flora from the past few months out in the field... Had to do some research here - these are called swamp beacons, Mitrula elegans:
  4. stiltzkin

    Finding an Old Book

    So, I've been building a small collection of Pinelands and other Jersey-related books. In the process I've been fortunate enough to find and buy several rare/out-of-print works, but there's one book I'm looking for right now which I can find no copies of for sale anywhere. The book is Sign...
  5. stiltzkin

    Up the Batsto

    Took a tranquil hike up the white trail along the lake to a scenic spot on the river this morning. The lighting was a bit too harsh when I got there and I didn't get anything earth-shattering as a result, but this is a great location and I'm sure I will be back. A sunrise hike out here would...
  6. stiltzkin

    Parker Preserve in February

    Hello - I'm new to the forums here, although not new to the pines :) I took a very enjoyable walk through the preserve over the weekend with a new camera. Cool temperatures but very sunny and pleasant out; saw plenty of fellow hikers. Just thought I would share some of the better shots I got -...