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  1. Pan

    New ORV Plan Ideas

    "prohibit legal vehicle access?" When i used to haunt the NJ Pine Barrens, from the late 1960's thru the 70's and 80's and early to mid 90's, and then occasionally into the early 2000's and even a couple of times since, there was pretty much nobody at all driving on those roads except me in my...
  2. Pan

    Lovely day kayaking on the Mullica up to Lock's Bridge

    Here's me in the Barrens in a hard shell aluminum canoe, spring 1980. Where was I? I don't know. It looks like a place that was flooded. A friend brought this canoe down (I have some more photos of that trip) but I'd rent them there too. Are the PB canoe rental places still there? Those two...
  3. Pan

    Godzilla sighting in the Pine Barrens!

    Where did I get that goofy picture? I don't even remember posting that...looks like my old VW tho...and I do remember that guy in the desert. Probably nobody else would have picked him up with a tattoo like that, but wth I don't care. I picked up a Mexican with a rifle way out in the desert...
  4. Pan

    can you help me find these ruins?

    The way you do it on your photos? Can I do it to the photos that I've already posted here, or delete them and put my name-marked photos all in one place? Is there a way to search out the photos that I have already posted, like "Pan +attachment" or something?
  5. Pan


    I'm sorry about Fred. Wild blueberries are so much better than store bought like they are an entirely different thing, tart and bursting with vitamins. The kind in the store, including "organic", are bland. The best I think were in NY State, like in Bear Mountain State Park. They used to...
  6. Pan

    can you help me find these ruins?

    i have a few more i cld post if anyone is interested, and some i removed because people (besides me) were in them. Most from 1969 thru the early 70's, about 50 years ago. I don't think any have as much historical value as the one above, though. Other photos of mine r scattered around this...
  7. Pan

    Naturalist Describes South Jersey Ghost Towns

    Is that Mount? Aren't there some planted trees there, one of the only things showing that a town once existed, that and the dirt roads, and maybe that little "gaging station" - what's that? I'm remembering from 50 years ago. I don't recall going back there again, tho i must have passed through...
  8. Pan

    Six Day Starts Tomorrow, December 7, 2020

    I camped out so many nights in the PB but never once in a public campground. I remember back in the 80s, talking to an officer at a rest area on the GSP or NJ Tpk. He told me there was a shooting death at the public campground the night before. Same thing when i worked briefly at the Grand...
  9. Pan

    Then & Now Photos

    I've always used north up on my GPS. If I don't do it like that i become disoriented, which i usually am anyway I've used gps since the times when hardly anyone knew what it was. I think my first unit was Garmin model 2. Then Garmin gave me a free upgrade to the 2+, which was the first to...
  10. Pan

    The Baron of the Pines

    Lip? Must be an inside joke...
  11. Pan

    Where is this?

    I was back east, staying in a motel in Edison NJ, right in the middle of it!
  12. Pan

    Naturalist Describes South Jersey Ghost Towns

    I don't think there was anything at all, except what I mentioned, still there, but I could be wrong, it was almost fifty years ago. I think we were there for three days and didn't see a soul. There were no off roaders or dirt bikers in the Pines back then. It was very pleasant and peaceful -...
  13. Pan

    The Baron of the Pines

    A different account of the Fenton and Farr gangs: They mention the Old Yellow Meeting House. That was one of my favorite stops in the long bike trips I'd make through Monmouth...
  14. Pan

    The Baron of the Pines

    But the picture is gone now.
  15. Pan

    The Baron of the Pines

    The spot where Fagan was hung up to slowly die was henceforth thought to be haunted - a large oak at the fork of two roads one of which leads to Freehold...
  16. Pan

    Naturalist Describes South Jersey Ghost Towns

    I can't find anything on the Pine Barrens ghost town, Mount. We camped there for a few days about 1973. There was nothing left of the town except the old dirt road intersection and some of the planted vegetation and the name on my geological survey map. It was beautiful weather and we were...
  17. Pan

    Then & Now Photos

    I spent a lot of time in those woods back then, camping, backpacking, hiking, and canoeing. I don't recall ever meeting any hostile Pineys, aside from the guy in the biplane who strafed me with bug spray!
  18. Pan

    Then & Now Photos

    I think I took it at the place where I was with you in autumn 2012.
  19. Pan

    Couple Describes Ordeal Created By Quads, ATVs In Presidential Lakes

    It used to be so nice and quiet in the Pines, just the sounds of whipoorwills and tree frogs and the wind. There were none of those things.
  20. Pan

    WMAs closing areas

    When i used to go down to the Pines in the late 60s and 70s and 80s and even 90s, being NJ, everything was of course against the law, but i rarely saw anyone in there so no one ever bothered me, except once when i walked what i thought was deep into the woods and set up my tent - and a man came...