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  1. Toothy Critter

    Dead or Alive

    Dumb Question? Just curious. Went fishing in a small lake in Wharton. There is a small cove where a large scrub pine fell over into the water. I know it had been down since at least last year cause I fished around it last year also. But as I neared it this year I noticed bright green pine...
  2. Toothy Critter

    Today I am saddened by a horrible experience

    I went to see the new Godzilla movie. I thought that when I retired and enjoyed my second childhood that it would be all fun and games. What a rude awakening. It sucked. :( At least I ate popcorn. Sorry.., just had to say that
  3. Toothy Critter

    Opening Day

  4. Toothy Critter

    Photography 101

    Learning to use my new camera
  5. Toothy Critter

    60 degrees

    60 degrees Wednesday...... play in sick... get out and PLAY.....:dance:
  6. Toothy Critter

    Can't post pics

    Why, when I go to post pics, do I get a message "The uploaded file is to large for this server" Is it cause my PC is an old piece of **** ? Its a shame...cause I had some great shots of naked swimsuit models frolicking in the Pines that I was gonna post. Oh well....
  7. Toothy Critter


    I recently discovered a new resident within an abandoned cranberry bog I have been fishing for years. A beaver, and he is not too happy to have me as a neighbor. He is relentless in his tail slapping while I am night fishing, so I generally give him his space. But I also fly fish while wading...
  8. Toothy Critter

    Remembering 9/11

    Was gonna post "God Bless America" in Music for the Day, but for some reason I can't access that top[c. I Dunno. But I will hum it to myself :) OUTLOUD
  9. Toothy Critter

    Is this off limits? Would love to chase some toothy critters in here. Anyone know if it is private? And if it is legal to go here, how the heck do I ?? Also, while I am at it. Can anyone tell me the same about the...
  10. Toothy Critter

    Oswego Lake Road

    Went past Oswego Lake road from Rt 563 last night and noticed a sign that it was closed 6 miles in. Don't know how long the sign has been up, just noticed it. I use that road to go to Lucille/s for lunch sometime when fishing near 563. Anyone know where or why or for how long?
  11. Toothy Critter

    A little late...but funny

    I know it's late notice, but a friend of mine has two tickets to the Super Bowl in Minneapolis, MN at the new U.S. Bank Stadium, on Sunday, February, 4. They are box seats, and he paid $3500 per ticket, which includes the ride to and from the airport, lunch, dinner, a $400 bar tab and a pass to...
  12. Toothy Critter


    Nascar's newest Champion Congrads!!!!:dance:
  13. Toothy Critter

    Happy Halloween

    Consume mass quantities of candy you little Jersey Devil's
  14. Toothy Critter

    The Pineland Desert

    I don't know if I am being too pessimistic but I really am afraid for the Pinelands. Maybe someone with more knowledge can ease my concerns but... I was studying records from the USGS about the level of ground water in the Pines. In Brendon Byrne for example the highest recorded level of...
  15. Toothy Critter

    Clean Water Act

    President Trump is expected to roll back the Waters Of The United States rule. This will allow for development of areas by rivers, streams and wetlands. Do you think this will affect the Pines? I can just see developers drooling.
  16. Toothy Critter

    Spring Flies

    Never really paid much attention to a general timeline as to when the biting flies start being a pain, but am planning to hike the Batona this spring, and, given the fact that I was mauled this past year while taking short hikes, I am determined to not let the buggers ruin my hike. Especially...
  17. Toothy Critter

    Parking for Batona Hike

    Hi all, new to the site but not the Pinelands. Am 65 yrs. old and have probably spent 40 of them in the Pines. Used to race endures back in the 70's and have been fishing every spit of water in the pines for my favorite... the chain pickerel. Now I'm into hiking the pines and am planning a...