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  1. Ben Ruset

    Interactive Map of Earth from 750 million years ago to now... Interesting to see New Jersey through the ages. It looks like the Appalachians once covered the entire state.
  2. Ben Ruset

    Spooky PA Furnace Story

    Via the Historical Society of Pennsylvania:
  3. Ben Ruset

    Animated GIFs in your posts!

    Have you ever wanted to add an animated GIF to your post like you can on Facebook, but in a slightly less intuitive and clumsier manner? Well my friend, you're in luck. Introducing GIPHY support on NJPB. It's pretty easy to do: Type what you're looking for. Didn't find any you liked? Click on...
  4. Ben Ruset


    Yes it is. I can hardly believe how much heavier I was back then, and how much hair I still had. :/
  5. Ben Ruset

    A Fine Time For Fine Wine

    I'm just going to do a batch of Sauvignon Blanc so I'll need to do their California juice. Depending on how this goes I might get Pinot Grigio next year.
  6. Ben Ruset

    A Fine Time For Fine Wine

    Update: I've ordered all of the stuff I need to do it and now it just needs to show up and I just need to get the grape juice! I think I may also try my hand at cider, too.
  7. Ben Ruset


    FWIW I became social media friends with one of the two women behind the Ventures to Anomaly site. At the time I was annoyed that they were climbing and posing for photos on the Harrisville ruins. But as I saw more of what they posted over the next few years it was clear that they did have a...
  8. Ben Ruset

    Deep Hollow Campground

    Good eye. That was the ruins of the Roman Temple of Mithras up by Hadrian's Wall that I took when I was there last October. I had exported that picture earlier and it got lumped in with the ones I uploaded to this post. It's amazing to see how much better 1800 year old ruins In England do than...
  9. Ben Ruset

    A Fine Time For Fine Wine

    I should really start trying to make wine now that I am a homeowner again and have plenty of space.
  10. Ben Ruset

    Long Island Piney

    "Look at these shapes!!" I wonder if he stopped for some free napkins and condiments at Wendys while he was down.
  11. Ben Ruset

    Jumping Brook Preserve

    Oh, I would love to check this place out before it gets cleaned up.
  12. Ben Ruset

    Deep Hollow Campground

    As Boyd said, the image gallery is long gone, but I still have my pictures from that day - 11/25/2007. It's crazy to think how long ago that was. Anyway click any of the pictures to see a bigger version. What remains of the lake. Ruins The organ "Tree Trunk Graveyard" More Ruins A...
  13. Ben Ruset

    Announcing the new NJPB Maps

    FML = "fuck my life". NJGIN's USGS topo maps were garbage compared to the ArcGIS ones, at least a few years ago. I'm also not a Javascript developer so updates are kind of hard.
  14. Ben Ruset

    Announcing the new NJPB Maps

    The FML is mostly due to the USGS topos being deprecated by ArcGIS. I haven't run across any publicly available maps that stitched together so well than theirs.
  15. Ben Ruset

    Announcing the new NJPB Maps

    This makes me wonder how much effort I want to keep putting into keeping it running.
  16. Ben Ruset

    Big Forum Update

    It pulls out a side menu, like this: So if you had any alerts (like an unread PM) you'd get a red alert icon on top of it. I don't have an Android device to test and see, but my first question would be if you have your phone's font size set larger than the default.
  17. Ben Ruset

    Announcing the new NJPB Maps

    Fuck my life.
  18. Ben Ruset


    That's a good thing to do while you're in LBI.