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  1. Boyd

    Dirty Power

    Here's an odd one.... returned from a walk, heard the fans roaring on my two big UPS units and wondered what was causing a power outage on a nice day. Then I realized the power was still on, but both units refused to go off battery power. Turned them on and off a few times with no difference...
  2. Boyd

    Black Friday GPS deals

    Cabela's has a few nice deals under $200 Garmin GPSMap64ST for $170 Garmin eTrex 22x for $170 And for the car, a Garmin DriveSmart 61LMT for $190...
  3. Boyd

    TwoNav GPS.... a Garmin alternative?

    Have been using the TwoNav smartphone app for awhile, and it's pretty nice. Their "Land" software runs on Windows and the Mac and is quite powerful - allows you to manage your data and import/export maps in a number of formats. But the same company also makes dedicated GPS devices the are sold...
  4. Boyd

    Wind advisory

    It's blowing pretty hard here... the lights have flickered but they're still on. :) URGENT - WEATHER MESSAGE National Weather Service Mount Holly NJ 343 PM EDT Wed Oct 16 2019 DEZ002>004-NJZ013-014-020>027-170900- /O.EXT.KPHI.WI.Y.0008.191016T1943Z-191017T2200Z/ Kent-Inland Sussex-Delaware...
  5. Boyd

    The new 3D LIDAR site is now online!

    The first full-featured version of the site is now available for your browsing pleasure with 5 different maps (and more on the way). You can choose either aerial imagery or shaded terrain for each map and also share links or create bookmarks that incorporate all your settings. Here are a couple...
  6. Boyd

    Snake Skin

    I received the following message in a profile post this morning from @Gerania _______________________________ "I don't know how to start a thread here. My son moved to Pine Hill four months ago. He's a block from from Pine Valley, and he found a two foot long skin in his basement yesterday. He...
  7. Boyd

    Apple Pie Hill in 3d

    Am looking at ways to present LIDAR in 3d, and this is just a very small baby step in that direction. This link will display a 3d model of Apple Pie Hill that you can "explore" in your web browser. It will take a little time to load, so just wait until the image appears. If it doesn't appear...
  8. Boyd

    Major update to the site!

    The next time you visit the site, you'll see a number of new features.... Click the wrench button to set a custom home location to open the site anywhere you like. You can also choose different icons for the home button and set the default for the center crosshairs Click the heart button...
  9. Boyd

    Download problems at

    Last night I received a message from a user who was unable to successfully download my Map of the Pines HD - [stuff deleted] UPDATE: the download issues have now been resolved.
  10. Boyd

    Facebook tracking

    Starting to see quite a lot of traffic coming to my site from Facebook, yesterday was the busiest ever with 7 or 8 times the activity of a typical day. Glad to see that people are using the site, that's what it's for! :) But I see that Facebook is modifying the site link and inserting a...
  11. Boyd

    Terraserver Nostalgia

    Al and Bob were recently saying how much they still like the old 1995 black and white Terraserver aerials, so I did a little research on where they came from. I found the USGS 1995 Digital Orthophoto Quadrangles (DOQ's) and they seemed like a good fit, but they're false-color infra-red and not...
  12. Boyd


    This is a very clever idea.... wonder how well it actually works? Anybody try it? I suppose it also opens up the possibility of a hacker getting your keys though. ;) "KeyHero makes it easy to create a digital backup for your key. Just scan your key at any Home Depot...
  13. Boyd

    The end of iTunes

    I have plenty of complaints about iTunes, and they seem to make it worse with every update, but it's still how I share my media library throughtout my house with about 600 movies, 600 TV shows and thousands of songs that are stored on little server. That could get a lot more difficult without...
  14. Boyd

    Big change to the map menu

    You may not notice anything different, but a major change was just made "under the hood". With the standard Leaflet system, if you zoomed in too far then you couldn't choose many of the maps on the menu. This caused a lot of confusion and frustration. Just finished my new code - now you can...
  15. Boyd

    About the NJGIN 1970/1977 imagery

    Bob and I have been discussing this, but I thought it would be of general interest. These two maps are quite different from the other NJGIN maps since they only cover selected areas, and the "wetlands" title is misleading. But if you look at the map metadata, you'll see that they were created...
  16. Boyd

    boydsmaps online connectivity problems

    Use this thread to report any connectivity problems with the site. The following links can help with troubleshooting - the first one will attempt to remotely connect to the site. This can help you determine whether everyone is having problems, or if it's just you...
  17. Boyd

    The new boydsmaps online website is now available

    Spend your rainy Sunday exploring the maps! There's nothing to download or install, it works in your web browser. To get started, just go here:
  18. Boyd

    Welcome to the new Boyd's Maps Forum!

    A huge thank you to Ben for creating this new forum! :) Stay tuned for more information about boydsmaps online, where you'll soon be able to access all 11 of my own maps plus 24 additional sources in your web browser. You can also use this forum to discuss the downloadable maps from...
  19. Boyd

    Permethrin ads

    Have been seeing ads for Sawyer's Permethrin all over the place recently. What a "coincidence"... I just posted about Sawyer's in another thread. ;) Is it just me, or do these images also bother you? A guy is apparently heavily spraying his pack out in the woods in a manner that implies you can...
  20. Boyd

    Adobe doubles Photography Plan price

    This one really fits the "Electronics Insanity" topic.... "Adobe today quietly debuted new pricing for its Photography bundle, which has long been available for $9.99 per month. Starting today, Adobe's website is...