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    Fish Hook In Leg

    ...and to think, he was probably worried that he wouldn't catch anything that day...
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    DEP determined to resolve pinelands access disputes

    Speaking only for myself, I have no problem with differences of opinion, so no flak from me. I'm more stuck on the planners' logic that it'll be an effective deterrent against those who break the law. That solution leaves me with more questions than answers, the biggest one being: if they feel...
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    DEP determined to resolve pinelands access disputes

    I'm beating a dead horse here, but I'm simply flabbergasted at the idea that they'll be able to enforce a permit system, but they can't enforce illegal off-road use. It's been said multiple times: the NJSPP don't have the vehicles to chase after ATV'ers and illegal ORV's, since they cut and run...
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    Nice Walk

    We have some scenes up here like that but they're a mix of Japanese barberry, wineberry, and Smilax. What a nightmare. BTW, if that's anywhere in the Pine Barrens it needs a burn, stat!
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    Fish Hook In Leg

    I have to get more sleep tonight, I read the original sentence as she caught a 20 lb fish...
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    Fish Hook In Leg

    Yikes, glad she's okay. Yes the procedure if it goes in far enough is to push it all the way through past the barb and then cut it with wire cutters, then pull the first half back out. Sucks but it's better than the trauma of trying to get that barb back through. Good reason to keep wire cutters...
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    Fix Our Parks

    Hi Russ, I wanted to throw my thoughts in at this point, and hopefully offer a sound solution to the illegal ORV problem, but before I do, I'm going to come clean with my biases. We all have them, we all look at our world through the lens of our experiences, and no two viewpoints are exactly...
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    Okay, having a picnic is cool and all....but in the middle of a pine trail?! LOL!

    Pieces of the last person that snooped around the table? :eek: Sorry, that was too dark. Seriously, IF that ain't pickled herring or something like that, I have to wonder if it's bait of some sort. How far away is the closest permanent body of water? I see what looks like a tiny pond behind...
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    Meetup With Invisible Menace No Walk in the Pinelands Park

    Tick keys are a blessing for removing them without leaving the head or other parts behind...
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    Excessive heat watch and advisory

    Wish I could like that twice. I'd like to see an inch a week for the next few weeks to bring it back to normal, I just hope it doesn't swing the other way with a saturated August and then tropical storm remnants on top (what happened with Ida last year and also with Irene). But any help right...
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    Excessive heat watch and advisory

    Agree, I've been keeping an eye on a vernal pond where Pine Barrens treefrogs and some other interesting stuff breeds, and it was very close to dry on Thursday. I'm sure by now the sphagnum looks like a dried sponge. Sad.
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    ATVs continue wild illegal joyrides through the NJ Pine Barrens

    Color me cynical, but I can't help wondering how the notion of introducing permits makes any bit of sense. 1) Our taxes are used to preserve and maintain the land 2) Hunters, fishermen, etc. purchase permits to hunt, fish, etc. respectively. 3) Now I'll have to purchase a permit and pay a...
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    Finally!!! Got one1

    Yes! My sons and I tied some clouser minnows and wooly buggers and gave it a try a few years ago. Picks are a blast on the fly rod.
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    Operation Golden Nugget

    Pine Barrens pin striping!
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    Park Privatization Proposal Article

    I think my first question is why, if the state parks are in such lean financial circumstances, did the parks waive entry fees for the entire summer? Are they trying to offset the price of gas so people will continue to visit the parks? A nice gesture, but have they recovered so much...
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    Park Privatization Proposal Article

    I came across this article today. I wasn't sure if this was seen here when first released, or if it's been discussed here but I didn't remember any mention of it...
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    Finally!!! Got one1

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    Harsh !

    I logged in here to post/discuss exactly this. Small areas being closed (blue holes, etc.) I can understand but closing an entire WMA (Menantico)? Since this is done in the interest of public safety, is it really unreasonable to expect that they can arrest/charge the offenders if they're in...
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    Interesting Article on Velvet Ants

    We see velvet ants often when exploring the Pine Barrens, and I find them to be fascinating, even though I sure as heck don't want to be stung by one. I found a cool article today on them in case anyone else is interested...
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    I have no words.

    Good grief. If you can't respect the place, stay out! :mad: