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    my oldest daughter who livers in Atco and does some 4 wheeling in the pines with her husband has been very sick for a while now she as been very sick for almost two years now and could not work for about the last year they just diagnoised her, "Babesiosis" at tick born parisitic disease...
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    mount misery may close
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    Potter co. Pa.

    as some of you know the wife and i could no longer take the urban part of life in nj and moved to Potter co. Pa. 7 miles from Coudersport Pa. just 4 miles off of rt 6 in Sweden twp. pop 775 as many times in the past 10 years we have been camping in this area we have never had a problem with...
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    greewood branch trip

    a bunch of us paddled from greenwood bridge to pemberton. the first 4 miles to BCC was quite interesting, over trees, under trees (laying down inside my kayak only 3 to 4 inches clearance from top of kayak to go underneeth of tree then trying to get back in position) the paddler behind me did...
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    a warning

    Department of the Environment is advising hikers, hunters, fishermen and golfers to take extra precautions and keep alert for bears while in the area. People are advised to wear noise-producing devices such as little bells on their clothing to alert but not startle a bear unexpectedly. They also...
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    kayaked the rancocas to Amico island

    saturday we put in at the indian reservation long the Rancoacs and paddled to Amico island county park in riverside about 10 miles, lots of open water and wakes from power boats (fun riding the wakes and waves), not realy my kind kayaking but nice for a change today we did the MIGHTY Mullica...
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    bald eagle vs. pickerel

    today a friend of mine and i were exploring the perimeter of lake Oswego in kayaks when an adult bald eagle made several very close appearances the third time we were at the back end of the lake an the bald eagle was above us a couple hundered feet above at the level of the tree tops when he...
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    Oswego river trip

    did the Oswego yesterday.....not much water in it, the lowest i have ever seen i don't mind downed trees, but dragging my kayak through by hand just is not fun and using my paddle as a "poleing rod" made it a slow trip to Harrisville this area needs some rain bad ! it would not even been good...
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    spring hill

    a bunch of us form the Out Door Club of SJ did a 10 mile loop from "Lake Oswego" and back two of us left the group to visit the snow covered peaks of "spring hill' a little bush wacking and following a boundry line cut and there it was "spring hill' just a spot in the woods LOL, so being in...
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    feral cat or bobcat

    on a 12 mile hike with the usual hiking suspects from around one side of Batsto lake to Quanker bridge then back to batsto we were on the Batona trail (a section of which is on an old rd next to QB rd) we started seeing "cat tracts" in the snow following the road, appx the size of a house...
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    golden eagle

    we were just comming back from a hike (outdoor club of south jersey) from burlington co./atlantic co. marker #60. when we got back to the trailer at the boggs on daves rd. (1.7 miles south of Atsion on left) we saw a large bird in the trees in the wooded swamp area next to the boggs about...
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    death of a piney

    every year there are less of them
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    hike to "bear swamp hill" and "landing gear"

    on thursday 12-22 a friend and i will be hiking from "lake oswego" parking to "bear swamp hill" then to the "landing gear" the hike will start at 10:00 am and will be appx 6 to 6.5 miles, it may be wet in spots all are welcome to join us just something to do
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    part roads, part swamp, part.....whatever

    a friend of mine e-mailed me and some others a bout exploring the area along "shane branch across and down "featherbed branch" to set up a hike for the "outdoor clud of south jersey" this area is northeast of "friendship" so we started just up the road from "eagle" at a side road to the...
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    Jemima mt

    tomorrow friday 7/25/05 i am going to wander up to jemima mt from Quanker bridge rd at Penn swamp or from Mount and to explore a small state park listed on my gps map on Mount Sandy Ridge rd some bushwacking and maybe some water crossing (knee boots a good idea) i will be at Atsion at 9:30...
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    keep your eyes open !

    five of us from the OCSJ went for a nine mile hike from Atsion Sunday. about half way into the hike we started to see something we have seen befor. some person or persons have spent alot of time spreading downed trees over marked and unmarked trails but now they are cutting healthy trees...
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    north branch of the Rancocas

    about eight of us did a 12 mile paddle from BCC to mt holly on the north branch of the Rancocas a very pleasant shady trip. thanks to some deadicated OCSJ members and others, it was just cleared of most of the snags and logs saw some hugh old turtles and some "Rancocas ducks" who swam...
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    no name state park ?

    the other day i was looking for "lake broyhill" LOL, and i noticed a green area on my 60cs map "US roads and recreation" and zoomed said state park. well i should have walked the extra 1/4 mile, just to see what it was. on the way home i said to myself there are no sp's there...
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    the search for "Lake Broyhill"

    with nothing to today i decided to search for "Lake Broyhill" i drove down old tuckerton road to appx. where "Lake Broyhill" would be located between tuckerton rd and sandy ridge rd. about midway at the length of the lake. i started at n39 42.257 w074 36.056 i walked appx west through to...