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  1. jburd641

    Happenings in the Pines

    I'm planning a trip to South Jersey from Florida and should be there between 6/6 and 6/11. I was wondering, does anyone know of any festivals or similar happenings in the Pines during that week? I'm planning on doing a short hike around the red trail outside Chatsworth but would also love to...
  2. jburd641

    Wagon Wheel?

    It's been a little while since I've been on the site and I'm curious, what ever happened with the wagon wheel (I think that's what it was) that someone found and was debating if they should dig it up or leave it alone?
  3. jburd641

    10 years

    I just saw the announcement of 10 years of this magnificent site while on Facebook this morning and want to say congratulations. Ben, like you said, no matter how slick and fancy a site is, it's nothing without the members but this would be nothing without all the hard work you and Tee Gate do...
  4. jburd641


    Anyone else watching the Westminster Dog Show? Quality television with some great looking dogs.
  5. jburd641

    Penn State vs Joe Frazier

    I know this isn't a sports site but sports seem to be dominating the day. I just want to say, it's a shame that this disgusting Penn State scandal is the leading news story when we lose one of the great boxers of all time. I'm not a huge boxing fan but I remember what huge events each...
  6. jburd641

    More Boardwalk Empire

    Is anyone else watching this season of Boardwalk Empire? I think it's better than last season, now that they have all the characters established. I've got a couple of issues, one being the mountains 30 miles outside of Atlantic City and the other being how maddeningly short each episode seems...
  7. jburd641

    Chatsworth General Store

    What's going on with the Chatsworth General Store? Last I heard, it was going up for sale. Has it been sold and if so, is it still open? I'm planning on coming up to NJ for Christmas and would like to stop in and pick up some Piney things for my house here in Florida. Like to have a touch of...
  8. jburd641

    Blue Comet Derailment article Nice article with some great pics. Read the comments if you need to have the urge to smack someone. :-)
  9. jburd641


    I know this isn't a political site but, seeing as this site has many people who read maps and a few surveyors, I wanted to share an observation: This morning, while watching the news and listening to commentary about the tragic events in Tucson, I was treated to a Palin staffer's explaination...
  10. jburd641


    Well, once again, the anti-hunting people are showing up on blogs and whatnot. I personally am not a hunter and don't like seeing lines of hunters flushing deer or whatever to a waiting hunter. Other than that, I really don't have a problem with it. People who whine about hunters do so from...
  11. jburd641


    I had a dream that the Phillies signed Cliff Lee. Everyone please keep it down, I don't want to wake up.
  12. jburd641

    R.I.P. to a Hero

    As a lifelong dog lover, I just wanted to say R.I.P. to Schultz, a hero dog. Thank you for your sacrifice.
  13. jburd641

    Boardwalk Empire

    Well, the much ballyhooed series from HBO has had four episodes broadcast. Anybody else watching as I am? I find it a little slow but I have to say, having had family in Ocean City from the late 19th century, I absolutely love thinking of them being about Atlantic City while the events of this...
  14. jburd641

    History of us.

    I was just on a History Channel message board (hugely difficult site to navigate) and I was reading posts about the TV show, "History of Us", which are for the most part, negative. I agree with many of these comments, things left out, celebrities commenting, and things like that, but, I must...
  15. jburd641


    Watching the news this morning with great disgust about the oil spill. I'll push my car before I'll buy another BP product intentionally. It makes me very glad there is no oil in the pines. Time to fire up the electric bleachers?
  16. jburd641


    Recently, here in Florida, I killed a spider on my doorjam that, to me was huge. I showed this pic to the local environmental agent and she said it was a "Huntsman" and they are very good for killing Palmetto bugs (huge roaches). I knew it was a mistake to kill it because as soon as I did, a...
  17. jburd641


    I'm curious; I was just watching the nightly news (I live in FL) and they said Atlantic City got 8" of rain from the latest storm. How is the flooding situation up there? I remember sometime in the late 90's that Galloway got 13" overnight from a cloudburst one summer and the flooding there was...
  18. jburd641

    Paranormal State

    Good news; Paranormal State has investigated the Jersey Devil. I think it will be on next Tuesday. If anyone can solve the mystery, they can! lol
  19. jburd641


    I was just checking the weather online and they said conditions are favorable for the formation of tornados, which brought this question to mind. Have there ever been any recorded instances of a tornado touching down in the pines and staying on the ground for any distance? With that...
  20. jburd641

    Our Vanishing Past

    Did anyone see "Our Vanishing Past" on NJN last night? Great show about how so many historic buildings in NJ are being torn down and the attempts to preserve them. I thought it was a well done show even if they only spent about 5 minutes talking about the Atsion and Batsto. Just goes to...