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    Chigger Bites...! ouch!

    Ok.. so I take the new red devil (Jeep Wrangler Unlimited) in the woods for an inaguaral run. Get out.. walk around.. take some pics.. and now have chigger bites all over. Have gotten them in the past and yes it eventually stops.. but does anyone have a "quick fix" antidote to this? :confused:
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    Forked River Mtn Coalition Events

    Canoe Trip 5 23 09 down Cedar Creek from 10am-3pm contact 609 693 1268 for more info Treefrog Hike meeting at the Bamber Store Friday June 5th at 7:30pm. trip lasts about 2 hours- call 609 971 1635 for more info Barnegat Bay Festival Sunday June 7 at Wanamaker Complex Island Hts contact...
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    Local Earth Day Events

    Forked River Mountain Coalition sponsoring clean up on Sunday April 19th .. meet at the Lacey Municipal Building around 8:30am-- call 609 971 1635 for more information. Also, the newly reformed Alliance for a Living Ocean will be doing clean ups over on LBI if anyone is interested. I would...
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    Facebook-- pine barrens newsletter
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    Not only was Walmart stopped- now the land is being preserved!
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    need help with hawk identification

    Spring must be right around the corner. The hawk has returned to the back yard. Since we butt up to the state forest, I never know who and what is going to show up.. I think maybe this might be a red shouldered hawk? Its on the smaller back with a buff underside.. makes a very...