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    Solar Hat

    Perhaps he's just fond of "meadow flossing"!:guinness:
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    Earthen Damn at Stafford Forge Burst

    That might be frustration with a state that has had little economic insight other than to dig deeper into our pockets. Malpheasence and disreguard for basic economics should be put on each politician's headstone that influanced previous budjets. And I don't give a rats pattoot as to my spelling!:jd:
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    Too Cool The Boss's Jersey Devil song posted

    I think Ol' J D'd be amused! Other than the name, there's not much accuracy - then again, it's entertainment. And it is Bruce.:)
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    quaker bridge tavern ?

    The 1805 / 1808 discrepency may be any number of reasons; fire, flood, etc.
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    Batona Trail

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    A tough night in the pines

    Now you went and did it! Them boys from the "Ol' Bucket of Blood" will be huntin' you down for sure! PBR! As if! We all know thems Rollin' Rock grounds! (Sad day it was when them pony kegs changed. Sniff. :bang:)
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    crazy cedar

    Wolf pines??? Now we got them mating with Trees?? "Yotes weren't bad enough?? :cry:
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    Martha bridge is out

    They make a molehill into a mountain! We are such a litigant oriented state that we need a "scoping" before we can get a proposal or plan of action! (Kind of like a proctologist visit, ain't it?) To para-phrase Dorothy - "Doctors and Lawyers and Politicians, Oh My!" :words: "Possum - the...
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    almost heaven

    An "Alfie-Bar?????????:siren:
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    Mischief Night Ghost hunt

    No.... Not my wife! :rofl:
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    Batsto and their outhouses

    I believe one reason may be so you had a choice. At one time men and women had separate entrances to churches (depending on sect, some still do!) It may have been for perceived cleanliness or some such notion for sanitation and health. It may have also depended on which way the wind was blowing...
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    Pines Findings

    Jimmy Leeds Road?
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    Waretown resident wins Nobel prize....

    So what's he got (besides an invention, an Idea, and experience) that Obama doesn't? :bang:
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    We are out of control.....

    I've got a raccoon out back that might qualify. She does dishes, so I guess that counts as domesticated. She's more legal than Illegal Immigrants - she was born here. Maybe I'll put in for the possum, too! Wonder about the chiggars though.:rofl:
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    Anyone's kids attend this?

    But it includes the Pines and all things Piney! It might not be the place - but it will do 'til they build a place. ....... I feel a slagheap building up:bang:..........
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    Apple Pie Hill Tower Smashed Again

    Unfortunatly, fences and locks are only a deterent, not a protection. If these hoodlems mean damage, there will be no way (short of posting a guard or electronic monitoring) of stopping them! The fence will only add to their list of things to overcome. Maybe a patrol alerted by proximity alarm...
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    Garden State Wine Festival, In The Pines 9-19 and 20

    I like the "Shamong Red", but they make several varieties that are good.
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    Question on canoeing the Oswego

    Watch it daily as the Bogs can lower the flow fairly quickly if they start holding for frost in the reservoirs. This time of year you can have frost in the bogs at night,(due to evaporative cooling and low areas), when the surrounding areas are in the 50's. Just something to keep in mind. Enjoy...
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    Dead on Road Coyote

    Wow! If your a non-felon under 18, you're on your own! All babies for themselves! Only in Jouizee:rofl:
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    Electrofishing A NJ Stream

    Hopefully about crotch high! That way you'll see natural selection at work! Won't have offspring to worry about! Nice link.:rofl: