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  1. MartGBC

    Information on Rt.72 Pig Works

    Does anybody have information on an area called the Pigs Works? It is located east of the RR bridge on Rt. 72. There are foundations and lots of broken dishes and clam shells at the location. I have heard it was a pigery and a speakeasy. I am told the dishes are from New York resturants. Can...
  2. MartGBC

    Joe Mulliner's Grave

    Does anybody know where the grave of Joe Mulliner is? It is said to be along Pleasant Mills-Nesco Road. There used to be a gravestone but it was taken in the 60's and never replaced. It was said the state had placed a historical marker.
  3. MartGBC

    Franklin Preserve - Chatsworth

    Does anybody know what is the deer management plan is for the preserve?