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  1. Menantico

    Wooden Water Pipes

    Wooden water pipes dating back to 1812 were found during water line maintenance in Philadelphia. This is an older article from 2017 but I just came across it recently. I wonder what the pros/cons are versus modern piping? By the look of it, they seem to be cedar but I could be wrong...
  2. Menantico

    War Games in the Pines, 1941

    Yesterday I found myself engaged in some late-night online readings of historical events. I live a crazy life, I know. Regardless, I eventually detoured to the official history of Penn State Forest that was published by the NJDEP. As I read further, there was a section that very briefly...
  3. Menantico

    pine barrens outside of the Pine Barrens

    When traveling out of South Jersey, especially driving, I take pleasure in noticing the landscape changes; from outer coastal plain, to inner, to piedmont onto mountain. I often bore whichever unlucky passenger happens to be tagging along with the nuance of the elevation changes and differences...
  4. Menantico

    Lamb Legs and the Menantico

    My friend Rick Whitehead of Bridgeton recently released an independent film titled "Menantico Blues." It is based on the hyper-local legend of Lamb Legs, a crypto-animal who haunts the woods of Newcombtown, Millville, Leamings Mill, and the Menantico Lakes. The cinematography of the Cumberland...
  5. Menantico

    Beware of Swans