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  1. SpineyPiney


    Went out to pick up some firewood on Monday and took my fly rod along for the ride. Got a dozen or so hits. Only managed to land 2 but they were quality fish. This guy was just over 19” and the other was a couple inches shorter.
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    Be careful out there!

    Just saw this on Everyone be careful out there!
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    Fossil and artifact hunting questions

    Hi, everybody! Happy almost spring! I’ve been looking to get my middle son into an outdoor hobby we can do together, well, all three sons hopefully, but especially my middle one. He wants to be a paleontologist and is obsessed with dinosaurs, fossils, prehistoric stuff and history so we’re...
  4. SpineyPiney

    Preserved land question.

    Hi all. I figured this would be a good place to ask this since so many of you have such vast amounts of knowledge of the area. If not, I’m sorry and you can delete or move my post as you see fit. I am thinking about putting in an offer for a house in Southampton and the seller is claiming the...
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    A romp of otters!

    Hi all! I had an awesome encounter yesterday! Took the new boat out fishing at a recently opened WMA. Had a great day fishing and just before 5 I was leaning over to release a fish and put on a new shiner when I heard a snort. I look to my left and see something swimming towards me. As it got...
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    Atsion lake pictures?

    Hi everyone. I was telling my kids the other day about walking out into the middle of Atsion lake when it was drained for the dam replacement years ago. Can’t find my pictures and was wondering if anyone had pictures of the lake while drained and the original Mullica River channel I could show...
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    Pine snake and eels

    Came across this guy sunning itself in the middle of the road yesterday. Looks like the eels had a good spawning year. We saw quite a few hanging out in the shallows.
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    Anyone paddle the Upper Batsto River recently?

    Has anyone paddled from Hampton Furnace to Quaker Bridge recently? Is it passable? Trying to plan an overnight at lower forge and I won't be able to get onto the water till mid afternoon and don't want any surprises come late afternoon or evening.
  9. SpineyPiney

    Pickerel from the pines

    Better late than never, but here's some highlights from a great day of fishing on the Batsto River at the end of April. A 22" 21" & 19" pickerel. Also had a bunch of 8"-12"ers, about 15 fish all together. All were returned to the gene pool. Had a bald eagle cruise by so close I could see his...
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    Is it ok to shoot dumpers?

    Wish I could have caught this ahole in the act. Someone dumped two pickup loads of roofing shingles right in the middle of the road off of Johnson rd fairly recently. Also called state park police while out there on Friday afternoon. Found a pile of 5 or 6 dead, mutilated animals dumped with...
  11. SpineyPiney

    First float of the year

    Got out on Oswego last Saturday. Not quite as warm as the forecast said but was smooths as glass most of the day. The fog toward dusk made for some nice pictures. Here's one from my cell phone.