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  1. Glenn Walters

    winter on the "mountain"

    Hey guys. Been a long time. Here are some nice pics from my trip to the FR mountain this winter.
  2. Glenn Walters

    Favorite Places in Pine Barrens revisited

    This has been done before. So its revisited. Top six for me in reverse 6. Pakim Pond 5. Apple Pie Hill 4. Warren Grove 3. Spring Hill 2. Preacher's Hill 1. FRM
  3. Glenn Walters

    Penn State Forest Hike

    Took a walk in the woods this past Tuesday. Some awesome views of Bear Swamp Hill and the Pigmy Pines from Spring Hill. Great weather. Great time.
  4. Glenn Walters

    FR Mountain Pics

    Here are some nice pics from my trip on 5-6-15. Enjoy!!
  5. Glenn Walters

    brookbrae question?

    I was driving out to apple pie hill last week via Savoy/Pasadena/Mount Misery area. I stopped a few places along the way to explore. Beautiful area. I was wondering if one of the awesome Piney map masters on this site had coordinates to brookbrae? Couldn't locate it. Please help. Plan on going...
  6. Glenn Walters

    sunrise at warren grove

    This was an amazing morning!!!!!
  7. Glenn Walters

    Pics from Apple Pie Hill

  8. Glenn Walters

    Doorway to the Pines

    Some of you have walked through this specific doorway. Many of you have walked through your own favorite doorways somewhere in the vastness of the Pine Barrens. This one "belongs" to a few of us who are able to enjoy Preacher's Hill on a regular basis. Just wanted to portray the many differences...
  9. Glenn Walters

    Preacher's Hill 06/10/14

    My latest journey into the Pines. Made my own piney chair and enjoyed the view. Love this spot. Enjoy!!!
  10. Glenn Walters


    How do I post pics in gallery?
  11. Glenn Walters

    Forked River Mountain

    Hey guys, I am back. Have been really busy lately. A couple months of craziness in life. All good stuff, just very busy with the family and work. I am planning another trek to the mountain, and Preachers Hill, in the near future. Anyone been out been out there lately? I am sure some of...
  12. Glenn Walters

    Forked River Mountains

    Same info as my Preacher's Hill post. A lot of nasty days on this "Mountain" throughout this winter. Still trying to top this perfect day. :):cool:
  13. Glenn Walters

    Preacher's Hill

    Been out there 5-6 times this winter. Due to my schedule I can only get out there certain days and not every week. Havent been lucky with the weather since that one perfect day. Was actually out there in some downright nasty weather. Still had fun, but that perfect day is still in my head. There...
  14. Glenn Walters

    True Piney Environment

    I was going to put this in recreation thread, but then I figured had a lot more to do with the environment. This morning I went and got some time in the Pines before the big snow. I was home for about 2 hours and I got an itch on my shoulder. I reached back to scratch and pulled something back...
  15. Glenn Walters

    Seasons Greetings from Warren Grove

    Little trip to the Pines Plains this morning
  16. Glenn Walters

    Forked River Mountain

    Went on a ten mile hike yesterday. Struggled down a Pines road(Stonehill Rd) across to the Forked River Mountain. Probably about 50 spots where I had to traverse through thick brush and snow to get around huge ponds of water. Very grueling hike. I am still recovering today. The Pine Barrens took...
  17. Glenn Walters


    Teegate. Was looking for an old post. I think it was from you. I am breaking into the marker finding game. Looks like alot of fun and very interesting. I remember a post where you found a marker directly east of Aserdaten, due south of the Serengeti. I believe it was on the factory branch...
  18. Glenn Walters

    The Land of Giants

    In the near future I will be taking my full grown 16 yr old daughter to the Land of Giants. She is very small at 4'11". Any guess where we will be on daddy/daughter date? lol :)
  19. Glenn Walters

    Franklin Parker question?

    Do we just park right there on 539 by the entrance?
  20. Glenn Walters

    Pine Barrens Zone

    Every new dimension has a doorway. Including the Pine Barrens This was a doorway to the north ridge of Preacher Hill. Photos not so great in rain. But still a great morning. There was no welcome mat, but the forest looked so inviting. Not much for visibility, but still a beautiful morning on...