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  1. mudboy dave

    Map on this website

    when you go to "Maps" at the top of this page, there is the "topo" option. As you zoom in it obviously becomes more clear, it also appears to change maps. at what scale is the most zoomed in? in example 1:24000? i would like to purchase some paper maps to that detail but am not quite sure what...
  2. mudboy dave

    not cool
  3. mudboy dave

    My dad made it!!! falcons in our work :)
  4. mudboy dave

    Long time no talk

    Well I figured it was time i got back on here. Was going through some ruff times for a while , but I now have custodial custody of all 3 of my boys and am engaged to married next year. So long story short my life is back on track and I'm looking forward to not only reading the stories and...
  5. mudboy dave


    long time no talk. Unfortunately my firewall at work has been tightened up, blocking me from this forum. it sucks. I miss reading everyones adventures. I'm off today and signed on from home. Hope all is well. have fun guys/gals
  6. mudboy dave


    7 kittens born yesterday. Will be available in around 8 weeks, no sooner.
  7. mudboy dave

    Golden Retriever (handicap)

    I'm posting this in General Discussion rather than the Flea Market because I'm not selling him to anyone. I just need someone to give him a good home. If someone off of here wants him, you can have him of no cost. After 3:30 today (12/23) I will not be by a computer until the following monday so...
  8. mudboy dave

    anyone know about.....

    the houses on Beaverdam Lake off of Burnt Mill Road/Arrowhead drive?
  9. mudboy dave

    Gypsie camp on the corner of Tremont and hunt (Maple Island Road)

    My parents got their house built in 1978, they were the first house on their road (Martha Blvd.). the next road up is Hunt Blvd which is pretty much a continuation of maple island Road. From what they have told me on the corner of Hunt and Tremont there was a gypsie camp when they were first...
  10. mudboy dave

    A piney I wish I got to talk to in my older years

    Frank Levoch. Not sure if any of you know of him or not. His brother is still alive and they both lived on opposite corners of Rairtan and tremont avenues in Atco. Frank died last year at age 92 and lived in Atco his whole life being born in the house that still stands. I can recall as a child...
  11. mudboy dave

    manmade field in Wharton and an area cleared many years ago

    On the western portion of Wharton there are two manmade feilds that I was curious why they were cleared. I love going back to them and looking at the stars. heres the locations...
  12. mudboy dave

    Fellow Smokers

    For those of you that don't know, I am or was a very heavy smoker. I smoked a pack a day on the weekdays and if I was driving or drinking, or in a heavy converstation I could easily double that. I recently discovered electric cigs and am extremely impressed and reccomend it to all smokers. Heres...
  13. mudboy dave

    Black Mazda 3 Protege ?????????????

    There has been a Black newer Protege parking font and on the side of my parents house with "environmentalist" type bumper stickers on the rear bumper. Apparently it is a light skin black guy that parks and walks out there for quite sometime. My dad said he saw him leave his car with a plastic...
  14. mudboy dave

    Feral Dogs

    I have not seen any in many years about 18 to be exact. I was curious if anyone else has ran into them latley. My father lives on the Northwestern border of Wharton. A couple of nights ago at about 2:00 AM he heard a dog barking by his back fence line (Wharton border) and it eventually moved...
  15. mudboy dave

    Cushman Golf/Utility Cart

    I believe its is a haulster, possibly a truckster but either way not a regular golf cart. Meant to carry quite a bit of weight. Full diamond plate body freshly painted, new boat seats (4 of them, remove back 2 and have flatbed). Retrofitted with a 14hp, overhead cam v-twin briggs and stratton...
  16. mudboy dave

    Free cat to good home

    On our way to South Carolina last month we stopped to fuel up and go potty and this cat greated us. It was very freindly and we figured it was odd for a stray to come right up to a stranger and let us pick it up and pet it. I hit the guy up in the store and he said it showed up about a month ago...
  17. mudboy dave

    NJ 4X4 INSANITY WEEKEND!!! Sep 11-12

    (Part 1) Starting the weekend off with the annual 4x4 truck show to benefit cancer presented by Misfits 4x4, located in Paulsboro NJ.Alot of the mud racers from all up and down the east coast will be there as well signing autographs and showing off their 1000+ hp trucks. Please come check it...
  18. mudboy dave

    New Pinelands exploration vehicle

    Well after getting my mind set on buying the Range Rover over a long discussion and alot of pictures, I decided to take a ride out to Hershey PA where it was located. Well I'm rather happy I didn't have my buddy pull his trailer that night. Needless to say I was dissapointed and rather upset...
  19. mudboy dave

    Mud in the Pines Hill and Hole Mud Raing Fri night July 16th 7pm

    Mud in the Pines Hill and Hole Mud Racing Fri night July 16th 7pm July16th at 7:00PM we will be starting off our second event of the year. This should definately be a good one. Alot of the drivers that don't take the heat so well will be there putting on one heck of a show. Expect alot of mud...
  20. mudboy dave


    Sometimes I get these, sometimes theyre bad, sometimes they are good. Let me know what you think and give me some suggestions. Been considering opening an offroad driving school. I would use the pines and possibly 900 acres of private property. We'd go over mud, water,sand off camber situations...