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  1. Pine Baron

    Bevan WMA Forest Fire

    1500+ acres are burning and is 25% contained as of 7:00 am.
  2. Pine Baron

    Fire at Goshen Pond

    I was coming out of Quaker Bridge Rd this evening around dusk and saw half a dozen NJFFS vehicles along with a KYW 3 news van at the Atsion office. Pulled in and found out there was a small fire around Goshen pond campsite. Could see plenty of smoke from the ranger station...
  3. Pine Baron

    Forgotten Towns of Southern New Jersey Index

    I recently finished reading Beck's Forgotten Towns of Southern NJ. Always "spot read" this book, but never read it cover to cover, so I decided to do this. Needless to say, this is an amazing book, but one thing that always bothered me about it was it's lack of an index. There are times you...
  4. Pine Baron

    2011 SJ Sportsmen's Jamboree

    32nd annual Jamboree on Rte# 49 at Union Rd in Cumberland county. This is a FREE event scheduled for Oct 1 & 2. 2011 Sportsmen's Jamboree
  5. Pine Baron

    Boat Towing Law

    While printing the Tuckerton Leader on Tuesday night, I came across an article with the headline: "Gov. Christie Signs Law to Prohibit Towing Boats During Evacuations" Apparently, costal legislators in the 9th district (Ocean County) strongly advocated an initiative based on recommendations by...
  6. Pine Baron

    E-Coli in Winslow water

    The detection of the E-Coli bacterium has been discovered in the "city water" of Winslow Township. Do Not--- Drink, Brush Teeth, or Wash Dishes with contaminated water. Showering and washing clothes is OK (as long a...
  7. Pine Baron

    Free Canoe!

    15' Sears birchbark Patriot model fiberglass canoe, made by American Fiber-Lite Inc. Bought in late '70's/early 80's. Capacity is 630 lb max. for persons/gear. Has a small stump-punch hole from the Mullica that needs repairing. Should be easy to fix. No paddles or PFDs. This canoe is good for...
  8. Pine Baron


    Beware of the water holes on Tremont Ave. in Waterford. They are deeper than they appear. :bang: This was Tuesday afternoon around 4:30. Luckily, just as I started hiking out, the other driver was on his way back in, with a friend who got us both out. The ruts were pretty deep, and my pumpkins...
  9. Pine Baron

    Aetna furnace

    While recently exploring the Ætna Furnace site in Atlantic County, I found a rather large (10"x8") piece of slag. You can see the the traces of iron along with the impurities (slag). What interests me is the amount of charcoal remaining. I've found hunks of slag with a random piece of charcoal...
  10. Pine Baron

    Deer Hound?

    Went for a ride today with my dog, Diamond, riding shotgun. Out to Whitesbogs, down to Buckingham, through Wheatland and ending at the Parker Preserve. It was a rainy and overcast day, not a very good day for photos. Only one turned out good enough to share, and it's is my new desktop! John-
  11. Pine Baron

    Mullica Trip

    My kids and I were finally blessed with a weekend that provided nice enough weather for our overnighter. And boy, was it ever worth the wait! We couldn't have asked for two nicer summer days. We left Friday late morn with a clear and sunny day to guide us. Here are some photos we would like to...
  12. Pine Baron

    Mullica Water Level

    I'm taking the kids on one last paddling overnighter before school starts. Maybe this w/e or next. Has any one been on the Mullica lately, and if so, could you let me know about the water levels, any bad portages, etc.? It'll be the just the 2 kids and myself canoeing from the mill to...
  13. Pine Baron

    Graphite Rods

    While exploring Parkdale recently, the kids a I discovered these black rods at various places around the ruins. It's difficult to determine their age as I don't know how they would stand up against weather and time. After a little research, I found that they are highly conducive to electricity...
  14. Pine Baron

    The Two trees at Washington

    Sunday a week ago,(a great day to be in the woods), I took a ride through Batsto over to Washington. I took some pics of the two trees that are on either side of the Tuckerton road between the barn ruin and the large cellar hole on the way to Maxwell. These two seem much older than the...
  15. Pine Baron

    Sweetwater Book Signing

    Does anyone know what authors will be at Sweetwater on 3-9-08?
  16. Pine Baron

    Hayes Mill

    I'm a "newbie" to the forum so I hope I'm doing this right. This is the best Pine Barrens sight I've come across. I'm from Atco/Winslow Twp area and live near Hayes Mill Rd. I can't seem to find any info/history of the Hayes Mill. Does any one know about it?